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Are there any good episodes/shows about Vertebrate Evolution?

Asked by jlm11f (12388points) September 28th, 2008

I am looking to watch videos about Vertebrate Evolution. Not videos proving that evolution is true, but rather videos detailing the different species that came about in vertebrates with different features. Such as early vertebrates (agnathans) had no jaws, while the later ones did etc. I know History channel and similar ones do shows on this kind of stuff, so if you remember seeing one like this or know of one, can you mention the channel and show you saw it on? Thanks!

Edit – the one show I am aware of that does something like this is Evolve (a 6 episode series on history channel) but it was a lot more general and I guess I am looking for something more specific.

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I haven’t seen this in years, but I remember being impressed when it came out. It’s specific to the carnivores, but it’s a very good adaptation of the book.

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