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My son. I’ve raised him mostly by myself, and we’ve been through some very hard times; but he is generally a mature and responsible 17-year-old.

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My friendships. I’ve been really lucky in them.

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My police record.

I don’t have one.

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The one you see in the picture…. And the one that is on his/her way!

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I think about this a lot.

I am proud that I have had a number of employees come back to me many years after and thank me for what they learned working for me.

I am proud of the 33-acre off-leash dog park that I led the effort to create and open (replacing a junk-filled empty site).

I am also proud of the trees that I have left around the US where I have lived including a now 40-foot Coast Redwood that I grew from a test tube and a younger 15-foot Giant Sequoia that I also started from a test tube.

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Well, me is more correct. I’m really proud of my language skills too. And my mother being overqualified for all information jobs in Norway, and that students are reading about her as an example in information studies (pr studies).

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I’m proud of my 18 year old daughter that I concieved by myself and that has become an awesome,successful, college student. We’ve gone thru a lot as well.From being on food stamps, the top of the world.

I’m proud that I’ve come as far as I have and that I’m content with my life.

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Have never done illegal drugs (my natural high makes them useless =)

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I am most proud to be a Christian. Even though I have been a bad one at times, I’m still proud to be a Christian.

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My family.

And a distant second would be my degrees.

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My 15-year-old’s ridiculous grace, charm, beauty and talents. My 11-year-old’s warm heart, his compassion, and sense of humor. My 10-year-old’s old soul, his endearing personality, and unbelievably uncanny ability to know just what to say. Really, anything about my kids, even their attitudes!

I earned my degree.

I have students who visit me regularly and tell me what they remember from years ago.

The friendships that I continue to nurture.

I teach an amazingly loyal and complex group of people who teach me so much about life.

I work with people who really care.

I can take care of myself no matter what.

I am blessed in so many opportunities.

My kids enjoy volunteer work.

I am spoiled by my hubby.

I’m done.

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Oh and when, last week, one of my really low readers recognized when a school counselor used the word “tentatively” in a sentence and announced, “Mrs. Gimmedat, that’s one of our vocab words this week, she means, like,hesitantly!”

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@JackAdams, narrowly escaped that, huh?

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Are you the virgin mary??

I am proud that even though everyone thinks Im crazy, I am still able to keep thinking the way I do. So far, it seems Im on the right path, unfortunately.

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@gimmedat: I’m lucky.

I’ve done lots, and never been caught.

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I have been a nurse for 38 years and still love it.
I raised 2 boys through their teen age years and lived to tell about it.
I am still an optimist.

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@JackAdams, my profile is boring. I’ve got to maintain my anonimity.

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My follow through. I’ve had to get some uncomfortable and tough things achieved in my life, and I got them done. Mostly cause as much as I know that not doing them was more comfortable, it’s having done them that makes me proud. Just gotta keep kicking yourself in the butt.

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@chris6137 almost! I conceived my daughter, by my choice, via artificial insemenation from an anonymous donor.

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@deadolly strong work!

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@lauraK thank you!

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My wife and my daughter. They are the most amazing women I know.

I have a hard time being proud of myself, but I am proud that I was smart enough to marry my wife.

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I’m really proud of my son and daughter. They have so many interests (ages 8 and 12) and they works so hard to pursue those interests. I love that my children have taken to music, and play together, and sing and write little plays. My daughter is really into academics. My son is into physical activites, like becoming a ninja, for which he is taking gymnastics and aikido.

The rest of my life may be nothing I’m proud of, but the kids give me some light and lightness.

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I’m so incredibly proud of my husband and children. I’ve been in and out of the hospital, multiple times in the last two years, even at it’s worst, they made it. It was never just about me being sick, it was about our family making it through the nightmare and getting to the other side. I was released last Friday and cannot tell you the relief that is on their faces. We still aren’t out of the woods, but we sure are closer than we have been, in years. A few more treatments and then a wait and see approach.

My daughter really grew – far more than she ever should have needed to grow. That’s not a 14yr old girl, all the time – she’s beyond her years, emotionally, when it comes to some things.

What does make me happier and even more proud of my children – they still managed to retain the “child” side. I’m thankful they didn’t lose their entire childhood.

My husband. We’ve been through some rough times, but he’s still there and so am I. I don’t want it any other way, either.

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I am proud that I have been able to instill some good values in my children such as thinking of others and I am glad that they are not my little clones and have minds for themselves! Once they’ve arrived on thsi planet, they have been my pride and joy every day.

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My children. They are truly wonderful human beings, all of different types. Sometimes I’m so damn proud of the people they are becoming, I want to cry.

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@cak I am so happy to hear that things are going well in this moment.

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@Marina: Thanks for reminding me that I meant to say…

@Cak: Glad you are finally home!

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My children.

Then what I have yet to do.

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My Son. he is a daily blessing and give gifts to me beyond measure

Owning our home.

Our PIMPED out Prius! (Our first ‘new’ car)

Being an American citizen I was taught from little on by my grandparents just how life could’ve been & how magnificient the sacrifices of my ancestors were

Personally, I’m proud:
That I haven’t allowed myself to be weak minded or easily influenced by others.
I don’t drink or do drugs.
I create goals and acheive them.
I am constantly trying for a new definition of personal health & well-being.
I do the best I can for my family.
I do the best I can to protect and nurture my son.
I do the best I can for the animals in our family and for the animals surrounding my home.
For my contributions to nature (so far I’ve planted 75 trees, cut out lawn and created raingardens around my home).
For telling my son, “I am proud of you”

For all this and infinately more I am bursting with pride.

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That I was able to change my life from one of embarrassing horror, to one where I am content and healthy most of the time.

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I am most proud of my marriage and my daughter. Being blessed , in today’s age, with so many divorces and unhappy marriages, to be blessed with such a wonderful husband and happy life is something I am very proud of. Raising my sweet daughter is another thing that makes me so proud. She is a good soul without a mean bone in her body. She is smart and caring of others, and I love her to pieces.

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@ Augustian & Marina – Thank you, both. I couldn’t be happier returning to a normal life. I sure have been humbled by my experience and that is also something I am proud of, being humbled. :)

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my relationship with God through his only begotten son Jesus Christ.

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You’ll have to give me a while to think this one through.

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My daughter, her family, and the bright future they have ahead of them.

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@scamp: Speaking of…where is ms. Dragonfly? Have we been thrown over for the baby? Not that there’s anything wrong with that! sob

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Well, you know how it is when you have a new baby to take care of, and it’s even more difficult when you are ill. She has fibromyalgia, and it was worsened by the birthing process. She’s ok, but very tired and achey these days. And little Mr. Max is a very alert child, so it doesn’t look like she will catch up any time soon!! Thanks for asking about her. I will tell her you said Hi!!

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I have fibromyalgia, too. Tell her I sympathize!

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I’m so sorry to hear that. It’s a horrible thing to live with. I will pass your sentiments on to her.

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I’m proud that I know all about the 90s and can play 90s songs on the piano, saxophone, and mostly the guitar. Big musician. which is sad because every1 in my school are sports jockeys…i play baseball and XC and used to play basketball but im not the best…

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Graduating highschool.
Not getting pregnant thusfar, too many chicks I know are into that.
Going back to college after taking a semester off, rather WANTING to go back.
Finding myself after being so far gone from who I really am for so long.
Getting myself out of a really dark period I was in.
Being “what kept” my father alive the last few days he lived.
Not sinking back into a dark phase after losing my dad.
Making HIM proud while he was here.
Still being alive and having the ability to be positive seeing as that’s something that seems to be so difficult for too many people.

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@onesecondregrets All worthwhile things to be proud of :)

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..I’m glad someone besides myself thinks so, puts a smile on my face..thank you. :).

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I’m proud to be a member of Fluther.

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How does one ‘pimp out’ a Prius?

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@Noel_S_Leitmotiv It’s a touring with tinted windows, rims, wood grain..etc. At the time we bought ours they were impossible to come by in our region so Hollywood Toyota was the only place we could find the exact model we wanted

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I am most proud of my children and grandchildren, and the friends I’ve been able to give some small help to along the way.

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I was born in the mid 1990’s, and have yet to pop out a kid. I feel like I should be rewarded for that. XD

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@AshLeigh There was a report on the radio this morning about how women vastly over-estimate their fertility. Your most fertile years are in your 20s. After that, it gets increasingly difficult to get pregnant. If you want to have children, listen carefully to the ticking of the biological clock. You get unfertile much faster than you might expect.

But yes, I hope someone gives you an award.

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@wundayatta, haha. I’m only sixteen. I think I have a while! XD

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