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Do you get iLife '08 when upgrading to Mac OS X Leopard?

Asked by GotJinks (29points) August 10th, 2007 from iPhone

If I upgrade my MacBook to leopard when it comes out will I come with iLife 08.

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I don't think so. Jobs said that it would be free w/ all new Macs, and $$ otherwise.

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Gsiener is correct, Leopard will not be sold as a bundle, though new Apple computers always include the latest iLife suite, buy not iWork.

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if you have a core 2 duo chip you can upgrade iLife for $9.95. There's a list of qualifying machines on the apple site.

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Does anyone have the web address for the Apple page that shows the 9.95 update info?

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I think there's some confusion here. Basically, if you bought a Mac on August 7th or later and it didn't come with iLife, you can upgrade for $10.

The list of qualifying hardware is here, but you also need to have purchased that hardware on August 7th or later. Just owning a Core 2 Duo isn't enough.

iLife will not come with Leopard.

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Whoops. My bad. Obviously, I didn't look at that too closely.

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