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Do you have any personal experiences with Aura photography?

Asked by fireside (12307points) September 28th, 2008

I have never really had a chance to make up my mind about this, but I asked someone who has patents for photographic techniques and he said that Kirlian photography was very real and he had even experimented with it when he was younger.

Apparently, if you cut a leaf in half and then photograph it, you can still see the same “aura” around the leaf as if it hadn’t been cut.

Just wondering if anyone had any experience/insight into this issue. What about Chakra photography? How is that related?

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You can see it demonstrated in this movie.

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they sometimes pop up when i’m taking pictures of chemtrails, the LHC or other paranoia attracting things, that which the mind does not understand, gets the most attention…thats why boys are into girls ;)

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