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What is the best nonprescription sleep medication?

Asked by MrHandsome (5points) September 28th, 2008

I just can’t sleep at night! I have insomnia but I don’t want to have to get on Ambien or something like that. What can I take over the counter?

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I usually take Benadryl. Lord knows it makes you sleepy when you’re just taking it for allergies.

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Exercise may work.
Here are a couple of sites with suggestions:
5 natural ways
41 tips

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I have tried a dietary supplement called melatonin that seems to work for me. It is non prescription.

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Benadryl helped neither my insomnia nor my allergies. And I had my hopes up. Sometimes a few days on an Rx for sleeping will break the cycle. I use exercise, D3, B complex, calcium and Milo (a breathing hotwater bottle).

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Advil PM is just Advil with Benadryl in it…just so you know.

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try watching Mayberry re runs on late night cable television.

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Even better… Little house on the Prairie syndication snore

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No cable here in hicksville. (Hi, Jean).

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Melatonin. Available at heath food stores, 5 mg dose, useful during long airline flights as well as when you just can’t fall asleep at home. (Hi, Gail!)

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Another vote for melatonin.

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Like Jack, hypnosis. Check out Travis Fox

It worked wonders for me. I no longer have to take a sleeping pill at night

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Thanks for the back-up, Comedian; you’ve been added to my Will.

I had a friend once tell me, “Insomnia isn’t worth losing any sleep over.”

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Kava if you can get it where you are. I get it from the local supermarket already ground in 100g bags. It’s a great relaxant, first your tongue goes numb then your legs. Or Doxylamine Succinate which is an antihistamine that acts as a calmative and sedative. I get it in an over-the-counter pain reliever called Mersyndol.

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@Jack: Thanks. What do I get?

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not to be a downer, but I was just looking at this article about valerian:

“Dr. Andy Oxman, a senior scientist at the Norwegian Knowledge Center for the Health Services” conducted a clinical trial on the use of valerian root as a sleep aid, with the following conclusion:

“Then, the results were announced on the TV show and published: Valerian had little or no effect on sleep. Some who maintained they had the supplement actually had the placebo and vice versa.”


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Thanks for posting that. I took valerian years ago, and it seemed to help me. I guess it was all in my head! I stopped taking it because the smell/taste was nasty..eww!!

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Chamomile tea. It’s amazing.

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Melatonin mixed with Benedryl or Valerian Root works great.

And yes, the combo is safe, as long as you don’t take more than 1 suggested dose for each medicine (2 benedryls 25mg + 1 melatonin 3mg OR 1 melatonin 3mg plus 5 to 9 valerian root capsules)

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@Zen: Camomile tea is also wonderful for powdery mildew on plants.

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Melatonin, sublingual.

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