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Has there ever been a conspiracy theory which was proved true?

Asked by sacaver (433points) September 28th, 2008

We were with friends last night, and the conversation moved to conspiracy theories. We tried to come up with one of these theories that actually ended up being 100% verifiable as true. We couldn’t think of a single one. How ‘bout it, collective?

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This website claims that two so-called “Conspiracy Theories” have in fact been proven to be true. I do not know if they have; I have not attempted to verify the claims made.

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On a related note, doesn’t it seem like conspiracy theories have taken hold of more people lately?

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Gulf of Tonkin and the Business Plot. Look them up on Wikipedia.

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Augustlan, I have read a lot of conspiracy theories on fluther lately, usually about something involving republicans…who are apparently the cause of everything that’s wrong with the world…...who knew, people could be so damn ignorant.

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There is this online article, about conspiracy theory.

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“The reason… is that pattern perception compensates for feeling out of control in a sea of forces you do not comprehend.”


“The human mind prefers to believe that mysterious, invisible forces are secretly at work rather than that the world is random. ”


“If perceiving patterns, even illusory ones, soothes the helpless feeling of not being in control of a situation, then it’s no wonder people trick themselves into seeing and believing connections that aren’t there.”

a) Isn’t this what we call religion (and is religion then a conspiracy)? b) So we’ve spent all this time evolving with this fatal flaw?

“They induced a feeling of powerlessness in the participants by… having them answer questions and telling them that many of their answers were wrong—but with feedback so random, participants felt befuddled, unable to figure out which answer would be scored correct.”

Conclusion: They are f-king with me.

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Conspiracies work very well if only three people are involved. And two of them are dead. Paraphrasing Benjamin Franklin.

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thats also the best way to keep a secret

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I think it might be the only way!

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if a dead person ever tells you a secret, run like hell…

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The reichstag burning in Germany, and the Gleiwitz incident are 2 examples of proven conspiracies from the nazi era. Also, look at the Reichstag and 9/11 in comparison and get ready for your mind to explode with anger as you uncover just exactly what happened that fateful morning.

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