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Get another song in your head that you like and has a catchy “hook” to it (and one you don’t mind humming all day).

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the one that i currently have is really good (UFO by Newton Faulkner), but i fear that it will lose its value after a while.

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Remove hammer from toolbox, then…... or you could try thinking of a New Kids On The Block song which you will hopefully not want to repeat in your head (whichever is less painful)

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Hate that. I always use sndfreQ’s technique. Avoid Candy Man by Sammy Davis Jr., at all costs. It is a real stick-in-your-brain song.

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Thanks, Marina…now I’ll be hearing that one all damn night! To get a song out of my head, I will either get a lullaby stuck in my head, or do lots and lots of math in my mind.

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Just so I can make others suffer, I have had “Becuase I got High” by Afroman in my head


please, any song but this one…

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Listen to other music and sing along.

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I read somewhere that listening to the entire song can help you get it out of your head, although I don’t know how successful that really is because I’ve never tried it…

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I will hum the old school Batman theme song for a few minutes and that seems to do it. It is catchy enough to get the original offender out of my head but not something I will carry around all day.

da na da na da na da na da na da na da na da na BATMAN!

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@googly: If there was negative lurve (though I’m against it), I would’ve given it to you for that. :)

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to get a song out of your head, “play” it all the way to the end.

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Do the Mission Impossible theme for a few few minutes. It is a sure fix.

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This is the song that doesn’t end… yes it goes on and on my friend… some people started singing it not knowing what it was, and they’ll continue singing it forever just because this is the song that doesn’t end… yes it goes on and on my friend…

that could be worse though :)

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RIP, Sheri Lewis.

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This one really works, I got it from a coworker.

Start actively singing the song in your head, but change the rhyming lyric or note to one that doesn’t make any sense.

For example, Les has “because I got high” stuck in his/her head. So then sing:

“Because I got high, because I got high, because I got orange.”

Works for me every time.

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