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Which three wineries in Napa should I not miss?

Asked by testtoast99 (80points) September 28th, 2008

I am headed to Napa Valley (and the surrounding area) and would love to hear where folks think I should visit. I am very flexible and don’t have any particular preferences.

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So many. I would say Sterling, Niebaum-Coppola, and Caymus (call ahead for Caymus).

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Work in a visit to COPIA while you’re there.

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Sterling is beautiful-visited there the day I proposed to my wife-sits atop a hill overlooking the valley.

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If you feel like going a bit “out of the way”, you can check out some of the wineries that are more distant from Napa and Sonoma, such as in Hopland near Mendocino. I have a friend that works at Brutocao Cellars there, and they make some fantastic wines. In particulat, I love their Quadriga, their Zinfandel, and their Port. Have fun!

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I’m personal friends with the two owners of this winery called Remick Ridge Vineyards, 9575 Sonoma Highway, Kenwood, CA 95452

They can be reached by telephone at (800) 795-WINE or (707) 833–1010.

The owners names are Tom & Dick Smothers.

Being a recovered alcoholic, I don’t imbibe their various wines, but I do purchase them as gifts for others, and they are always in good “taste.”

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Mom always liked that winery more.

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Actually, she liked it BEST!

One of the wines they sell is labeled, “Mom’s Best”

Remember that there are actually three kids in that family: Tom, Dick and Sherry.

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Honorary mention goes to Beaulieu Vineyard, which does its fermenting in 100 year old virgin redwood tanks. Just kind of a cool thing to see.

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Another one I can personally recommend is:

Briceland Vineyards
5959 Briceland Road
Redway CA 95560–9712

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Robert Mondovi, Franciscian, Mumms Nappa

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I just did an article on Sonoma that has some ideas.

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