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If you jailbreak an iphone can you use a different service provider?

Asked by scrappy (23points) September 29th, 2008

As the title reads, I’m wondering if you Jailbreak an Iphone, will that allow you to be able to unlock the phone to be able to use a different sim card from a different service provider than AT&T?

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1st gen or 2nd?

The first one isn’t a problem. The 3G (or G3 as it’s known as here) as far as I know is still not unlockable.

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it would be the 3g new iphone. it wouldnt be so bad but AT&T has crappy service in my area. really rural area…

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Yes. My acquaintance’s brother did that and now uses his iPhone with T Mobile. Apparently it doesn’t work all the time though. As in when you call him, he won’t always get the call. Though I don’t know if the iPhone is to blame for that. I would imagine there would be some problems. But it works.

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They have not yet unofficially unlocked the iPhone 3G. Only the 2.5G has been. ATT does sell unlocked iPhones, but they are around $500 or more because you arent getting a rebate for the 2 year contract.

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AT&T and Apple won’t sell you a phone unless you sign on to a 2-year contract.

So technically, yes, you can replace the SIM card and use a different service—but you’re still on the hook to AT&T for a 2-year contract.

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Couldn’t you just pay a fee to get out of th contract? i thiought i overheard someone saying that you can get out of your contract for a fee. i also read a report from cnet saying that apple is selling unlocked iphones in hong kong. it would be ince if they sold them here. if not for poor service in my area it wouldnt be an issue. link

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Sure, but the fee is fairly hefty.

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