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Campfire cooking - does anyone have a recipe to cook an individual cake in an orange in a campfire?

Asked by marissa (2659points) September 29th, 2008

I have searched the internet and can’t find one. I believe the book Roughing It Easy has a recipe for it, but I would like the recipe quickly rather than ordering a used book and waiting for it to arrive.

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That is one of the craziest things I ever heard, but I found it.
Sounds really good

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@fireside—- Thank you so much!!!!! If I could give you a million lurve for the answer I would!! I spent a long time last night searching for it and couldn’t find it.

Well, now that I have that recipe, if anyone wants to suggest any thing else to cook on a campfire, please feel free to share it here :0)

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Could be you had a hard time finding it because it’s also called one bucket cakes.

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Along the same lines there’s meatloaf in an onion.

Meatloaf in an Onion

Use your favorite meatloaf recipe. Slice 6 large peeled onions in half and remove centers. Spoon meat mixture into half of the onion halves. Top with the other half. Place each filled onion on a piece of heavy duty aluminum foil. Bring ends of foil up over onion and fold tightly. Cook on coals 14 to 20 minutes on each side.

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A friend of mine does rice in a green pepper, I’ll see if I can get more info.

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@fireside, that sounds really good, I’d love to know how :0)

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Chocolate banana. Scout favourite. Slice down a banana that is still in it’s skin. Break up some chocolate and put it in the slit. Wrap the banana in foil and plonk in a fire for a few mins. Really tasty!

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Banana boats, we call them.

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fireside sent me the link to this fluther to provide the recipe for rice in a pepper.

Well for starters, like many of the open flame recipies you encounter there are some basics to follow. Using a natural casing or cooking vessel (such as a pepper or onion, orange peel) requires protecting the cooking vessel from direct exposure to the flames, to reduce buring. This most easily done with foil.

When considering the amount of foil to use, I recommend thinking about how cooking affects the outer casing. Orange peels take much more cooking before they breakdown. Peppers and Onions breakdown faster. Reciepes that call for cooking within a onion or pepper I recommend that you double up the foil amount at minimum. Essentially you will be steaming the food. With the stuffing inside cooking hottest. Cooking may be faster since the “pot” will be directly in the flames.

Making rice in a pepper. (also works with couscous, quinoa, rice pilaf, vermicelli)

Take large green peppers. One per person.
(When selecting the peppers, look for those that have even level sections. The pepper needs to stand upright (with the stem facing the sky). If one can’t be found, try to find one which may only require a little shaving of the bottom to even out so that the pepper stands upright. CAREFUL NOT TO CUT SO MUCH THAT YOU CREATE A HOLE FOR WATER TO ESCAPE FROM THE HOLLOW CHAMBER WITHIN.)

Cut the tops off the peppers about 1/4 inch down from the BASE OF THE STEM. Remove seeds and flesh from stem root both from top and within main pepper. This will become the cooking pot itself. Cut bottom of top so that is becomes a flat top, like a saucepan top.

Most rice (starches) use a 2 to 1 ratio of water to rice. Each pepper can hold approx. 1/4 cup of rice. Add Rice and appropriate amount of water (water should be filled to top of pepper)

Cover using pepper tops.

Wrap peppers completely in foil (double wrap). Place in fire near top of flame, not in coils. (if in coils you risk prematurely breaking down the foil and causing the required moisture to escape or be burned away.)

Cook for about 10–15 minutes.

If you decide to use a meet filing, you will need to increase cooking time to accomodate.

Hope you are successful.

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