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I want a digital camera I can carry in my pocket with as much "soup" as possible.

Asked by Mr_M (7596points) September 29th, 2008

Currently looking at Nikon Coolpix line. Any suggestions in ANY brand? I’m looking for compact size with as close to a Wide Angle-to-Telefoto lens I can get. Under $400.

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I recently purchased the Olympus stylus 1030 sw. It is an awesome little camera. I have a Canon Rebel. This one is nice, because you don’t have to worry about damaging it. It is waterproof, crush proof and sand and dirt proof. It fits nicely in your pocket. Night pictures are awesome. Overall picture quality is pretty good. I am thinking of getting my daughter a new camera for Christmas. She has a canon powershot. I think she wants the new nikon cool pix. If you get it, let me know how you like it. I am a fan of canon, but the Olympus for durability made my decision. It was around 350.

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