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Why do I lose my wireless printer connection?

Asked by metadog (378points) August 10th, 2007

I have a Dell desktop (running XP Home) in my kitchen that uses a wireless connection to connect to my hub to access my printer and cable modem. Typically after a power fluctuation (or outage) we have to reinstall the printer drivers to be able to use the printer (Konica-Minolta Laser). The internet connection doesn't die. The computers hard wired to the hub don't ever have this problem. I upgraded the hub to a "Linksys Wireless - G" thinking it was a hub issue, but, needless to say, this didn't fix it. Any idea what is going on?

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Could be that the printer isn't renewing its DHCP IP address? I've had notorious problems with my printer (that's wired) after it restarts.

How are you sharing the printer? I'm not familiar with that printer... does handle sharing itself? Is the printer physically connected to the hub?

So it's possibly one of these things:
1. Your printer can't find the hub. To check, log into your hub and look through your dhcp client list for your printer.
2. Your computer can't find your printer (over the network). If you know your printer's IP address, you can trying pinging it (to see if you can connect with it)... google "ping windows xp" for instructions.
3. Your drivers are poop and freak out/don't reset.

Does this help?

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