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Do MBT shoes actually work?

Asked by anonyjelly16 (747points) September 29th, 2008

These shoes tout “Masai Barefoot Technology” which is supposed to help with muscle tone, lower back pain, etc. Does anyone know from personal experience whether these shoes work?

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I have a pair. The rocking is kinda strange. They’re heavy and kind of clumsy. Great for driving tho. I don’t wear them very often because they’re a bit of a platform and I keep thinking I’m gonna tumble. (weebles wobble but they don’t fall down is not true). They have new styles now, that are not so horrbilelooking. I’ve got the sandals.
They did help, but I’ve got such bad knee pain, only a replacement will help me.
Check out the styles on

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@deaddolly: So, you do think they helped? How long did it take for you to see the benefits?

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Why not go barefoot where you can? That’s what the Masai do. I have lower back problems and find that the new cushioned Saucony, Merrill, etc walking shoes, and Clark, Ecco sandals work fine.

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@atharkhan Yes, with regular use, they do work. The concept is pretty cool. I’d advise to walk around the house a bit, the rocking feels a bit strange.

@gailcalled I’ve also got a heel bone spur by my achilles tendon and was told NEVER TO GO BAREFOOT. It also hurts too much to do so. And I miss it.

I’ve tried about every walking show/comfort shoe that Zappo’s and Footsmart has. some are ok, some not so much. It all depends on your problem.

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I found this testimonial about them online. Hope it helps.
@deadolly the podiatrist I worked for would agree with you. He is very much agaisnt going barefoot.

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@ladies; I no longer go barefoot either; the one place on the body that loses its fat deposits, is, ironically, the bottom of the foot.

@dd: I am not sure what a bone spur is but I believe you when you say it hurts.

And I was commenting only on the Masai feet.

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Thanks for sharing DDolly! i’ve been interested for a few years and was wondering how much use I’d get from them.

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You can also lose the fat pads in your knees, but that is off topic, so I won’t go any further into that.

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@spatzielover: They’re very pricey. Choose the style wisely!
Let me know what you think.

btw, when i was on vacation, Imet this guy who had actual springs in the heels of his sandals. He told me he had major back problems and these were the only things he could wear. They look pretty funny, but you may want to consider looking at them. Lots of sites…they’re called z-coil spring suspension shoes.

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@DDolly thanks for the tip!

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I’ve had my feet operated on six times, I have nueromas in my feet right now that I should get fixed but… anyway I have four pair of MBT’s and I love them. After you get used to them you hate going without them. I like the lift, they make me stand straighter and my feet are not in pain. It would be nice to see some more fashionable styles but they do work!

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What’s a neuroma in your feet? I have a little squishy, pea-sized thing under the skin of one arch. My sister has it too, but on both arches and larger.

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