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What are you doing to lessen the impact of an impending depression?

Asked by Judi (39833points) September 29th, 2008

Looks like theu’re not going to vote on the bail out. An plans to survive this mess?

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I just scraped together a little money to send to the Obama campaign. I’m hoping I won’t need it for food later on.

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We’re in trouble, bail out or not. I, like my friend the prehistoric fish, am counting on some good leadership next year.

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The vote failed, but they are sure to re-vote. Honestly, I still think they will pass something. I truly don’t think that this is over….

As to your question…I am not doing anything in particular different. That is to say, I was already frugal etc. so there isn’t really anything left to tighten, so to speak….

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Hell I’m filing for bankruptcy already, so I don’t know how much more broke I can get.

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I’m putting my savings budget into renewable energy stocks, instead of letting the Fortune 500 take any more. I’d rather lose it honorably than have it stolen and used for more weapons.

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Commodities should keep pace with inflation, they can be a very unethical choice though, good for you outerspace : )

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I am completely debt free because I don’t believe in living beyond my means, so I don’t worry too much about things. My house is paid off, and the only bills I have are the typical electric, phone etc.

My only investment is in a company that will be solid throughout this mess, and I don’t have my entire life savings tied up in it, so I think I’ll be okay in the long run.

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We cant know that their will be a depression…its just going to be difficult for a while before the markets settle down.

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