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Do guys like girls that play hockey?

Asked by emmy23 (256points) September 29th, 2008

all opinions are welcome!

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I suspect it depends on the guy….

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Well, we definitely like girls that drive stick shifts. So yah, why not?

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ya i love hockey and this one girl told me that guys dont like girls that play guy sports
I dont think so but i wanted to get some opinions from some guys ya no

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Sure why not?

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If a guy is that shallow to ONLY like you because you do or don’t play hockey, then he’s not a great guy. So it shouldn’t matter.

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@MrMontpetit I don’t think it has to do with the sports themselves, and more has to do with men liking women who exhibit feminine qualities (outright aggression and competitiveness are more masculine qualities). People extrapolate other personality traits based on the traits they can see. Assumptions are made more gratuitously towards people one doesn’t know well, and you make those assumptions based on what you can see. For example, if you have tribal tattoos and piercings all over your face, you’d be less likely to get a job in the financial sector, since the people who don’t know you would make the assumption that you’re some kind of radical. While that might not have any resemblence to the truth, people will still judge you, without knowing you. This is the same for a hockey playing woman. Most people who don’t know her will make assumptions about her personality, based purely on their prejudiced ideas about hockey-playing women.

Prejudice is impossible to escape. A lot of the time, it’s unfair or wrong, but if you want to be treated one way, you need to account for the prejudices that will result from whatever behavior or look you adopt. It is human nature and a folly to ignore it.

My girlfriend is a “power woman”. She’ll be making more money than me when she’s done with school right off the bat (even though I’ve been working in my industry, successfully, for over five years), takes control of a situation quickly, and is competitive. While I don’t find these personality traits threatening, lots of men would. They don’t jive with the traditional view of the qualities make women attractive.

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Well it all depends on how many high sticking, holding the stick, and hooking penalties she accrues.

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@Fieryspoon I do not think that most or even many people including men make judgments about women based on what athletic activities that they pursue. This is the 21st century.

As long as you have all your teeth, I do no tthink it will be an issue. :)

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My best friends sister plays hockey and she always has a boyfriend. I feel like women who play aggressive sports are normally more down to earth. Like women that camp.

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my friend plays in the local hockey club, and she says that the majority are lesbians (not that this is necessarily the case in other hockey clubs…) in which case the men are wasting their time…

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Depends. Does the girl in question wear a helmet?

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I don’t know, but I LOVE hockey. Along with cricket it is the best sport

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My daughter played field hockey in HS. She often used her stick to beat off the guys that flocked around.

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I perfer ice hockey. It’s much more ruff and in my opinion takes more skill. GO LEAFS!!! Even though they aren’t that great….I STILL LOVE THEM!

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@gc Ahem, unfortunate choice of verb.

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Find a guy who likes hockey and you can love the sport together.

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I know. I’m an old-fashioned writer. Every verb I thought of had problems. And you guys are holding me to higher standards (she whines.) Does every sentence have to be Pulizer quality? I guess so. Hoist on me own petard, aarg..How about “fend off”; “whack off” doesn’t work either. “Smash” is too violent. “She used her hockey stick to hit the guys that flocked around her in the shins” seems like a lot of words for a marginal remark. (And look at the length of this paragraph.)

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think you all for the help but quailcalled-i cant even understand your point
please dont critize the people that are trying to help me
Thanks =)

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@Emmy——> see my PM to you.That remark should have been whispered to Marina. Sorry.

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@Marina I didn’t mean to say they did. I intended to say that the justification for saying that men don’t like women who play hockey would be rooted in an extrapolation of how sports would affect the rest of their personality, and how those personality traits would fit in with the expected gender role of the woman.

FWIW, gender roles still exist for some people, no matter how progressive you are. I don’t know you, or your friends, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say they’re not an accurate sample of everyone. Clearly the girl who said that originally was aware of the disconnect between her gender role and the activities she was pursuing.

No matter how much you downplay sexism, it still exists. If you want proof, look at pay scales for men versus women.

The question wasn’t about my values, and the only values I’ve stated were that I supported you, and everyone else, that women shouldn’t be judged based on the sports they play. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, and for that woman to have said it in the first place is a strong indication, to me, that sexism and gender roles exists for her.

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@Fieryspoon I am sure that you are right (I’ve even experienced it.) that gender bias is alive and well. I think I was coming from the place that Emmy should disregard those who feel that way as unworthy of her as dating material.

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Yes i play hockey an a bunch of guys like me :) for more than on reason… i work extra hard and then i get a great body and plus they love a girl that can play sports

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