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How to project an image on a stage backdrop?

Asked by floodfarm (4points) September 29th, 2008
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With a projector.

In other words, can you be more specific as the problem?

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do you mean, without the actors getting in the way of the projection? in which case, project from behind…

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Hi floodfarm; welcome to Fluther. Just a friendly suggestion: try using more effective tags in the Topic section, as this will alert other users who share the same interests and areas of expertise.

The block “projecting an image on a stage b” is limiting for that reason, and also because on PCs (not on iPhone), you will see that properly tagged questions have “sibling” questions that are often related or similar in topic to your question; such is also the case when you perform a “search” in the search box.

I did a search under projector to pull up two previously asked questions that had similarities (I answered one of the two); they are:

Hopefully you’ll find some useful information in those discussions. If you have any follow-up details to provide, let us know. Happy Fluthering!

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it should be with a what you call “Projector” this is perfect in a white backdrop so every image would be clear and should be properly centered.

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