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Joint supplement for my dog?

Asked by CorporeSano (1points) September 30th, 2008

I have a five year old black lab that takes a calcium supplement as a preventative measure for her joints. I was using Cosequin, but I was hoping there was a less expensive alternative available in the human over-the-counter. Can anyone suggest an alternative? Cheers!

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bu some pig’s feet and boil them, there’s a lot of cartilage in them.

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Here is one source.

“Compares to Cosequin at a much lower price!

Joint Max Regular Strength 180 Capsules: Best Price: $28.99 Buy It!”

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glucosamine for pets – few different brands available – good for older arthritic dogs. Also my dogs always swam alot and from when they were puppies they have sardines canned in oil twice a week, recommended by vet. Fish oil is good for joints.

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Try Previcox. Its a rx you get from your vet. I work in an animal hospital and everyone raves about it. Also if your pets pain persists try cold laser therapy (also at the vet). I have seen dogs who were in so much pain they could barely walk and after the treatment were running around. Not a quick fix though, you need to do it a few times, like once a week or so.

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