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Do you want to see meteor shower this week-end?

Asked by gailcalled (54570points) August 10th, 2007

The Perseids are coming; there is little moonlight and it is warm for most observers. See Sky & Telescope site for details. Pay attention to bug spray advice. (trust me.)

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Addendum: No special equipment needed, really fun for kids, and romantic for those looking for romance. Great experience for all.. Just get away from city lights and find dark skies. You DO have to get up early, or not go to bed but worth it..

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can we see it from the West Coast ( I'm in San Francisco). And what day is it best to see?

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yes i try to stay up for it every year. Make a party of it. It is great

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Easy-to-read Sky & Tel site (cited above) for clear details, sky diagram and info. Yes, visible for almost all ...Max. (one hopes) 60/hr, but astron. events, altho predictable are temperamental. Check local paper or call local Observatory or Astronomy dept. if near a university

"The meteor rate increases to roughly 30 per hour in the predawn hours on Saturday, 45 per hour on Sunday morning, and 80 per hour before the sky starts to get light on Monday morning. That's for a single observer at a dark-sky site in the north temperate latitudes".

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The fabulous new Planetarium in LA should have gobs of info on its site.

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yes I am looking forward to seeing it, as this will be my first time. I will share it with my daughter and husband.

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Those living in non east-coast areas, let me know what, if anything, you see. It is a crap shoot, remember..could be spectacular or a dud..

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