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What do you think your cat thinks about you?

Asked by tinyfaery (43932points) September 30th, 2008

I always wonder what my cat thinks I am. Someone once told me cats regard their people as gods; that doesn’t seem right. I provide for my cats’ every need, but at the same time they walk all over me, literally and figuratively. Does my cat see me as a parent, a friend, a slave?

I know we can debate whether or not animals think, or if they ponder anything, but let’s not.

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That I’m totally insane for letting all these dogs move in…

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Where’s his kitty litter box? He must be a really bad human because he keeps intentionally getting wet every morning!!!

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Can’t answer now. The master is meowing for me to come.

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I think Bo regards me as mommy, since she always suckles her leg while sitting on me. Mookie.. I’m not really sure about her. She’s nuts. She’ll do anything to get your attention, and she’s obsessed with hands. She’ll nudge my arm to get to my hands under the covers for an hour if I let her.

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that i would be dumb for buying a cat ( i dont actually have a cat)

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Cats do NOT think!

Next question…

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I agree with Jack.

If you died in your house and the cat couldn’t get out, it would feast on your flesh until it is rescued. I guess if you believe that the Eucharist really is Christ’s flesh when it’s blessed, you could make a case for your cat treating you as you would treat Jesus.

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My cats think that I am too slow to refill the food bowl but that I am a warm soft place to sleep. However, they suspect I am crazy for allowing dogs in the house.

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wow, funny you should ask this. but my cat probably thinks i’m scum o’the litter box. she whines constantly and so i put her outside on the porch to see her reaction. my cat, “monkee” HAS NEVER been outside. when she came back in, she was quite upset.

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Unfortunately when I look at my cat Puff. I think she believes I’m stupid what a sucker she says because I rush around the house every day, run to work, rush home barely stop to get something to eat. Day in and day out while she just rests on a nice pillow, does her business in the box and gets fed twice a day. I even have the job of cleaning her litter box. My cat feels sorry for me and wonders when will my species evolve.

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The cat thinks my boyfriend is everything. He can tell when EP’sBoy gets home and runs to the door… as in, he’s learned the Boy’s footsteps. The Boy, having never been inside when he arrived home for obvious reasons, didn’t know this but I did. Then the Boy got locked out and the cat was just inside the door meowing until someone could let the Boy in. The cat doesn’t do that for anyone else.

The cat thinks I’m better at petting him. Seriously. The Boy got a little jealous of it at first, but the whole “You’re home!!!!!!” thing has fixed that.

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I’m sure my cats think that I’m nuts but lovable at least that’s what they keep telling me :0P

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“Yay she’s home! Here’s that girl that feeds us!”

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I’m sure my cats think too. So do my dogs.
Us ego-infested humans aren’t ‘the shit’ as some think!

Plus, I know a lot of humans who don’t think!

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@ddolly ditto

Hmm…my 3cats each have completely different personalities, but I believe they all agree in my craziness.
“Why does she lock birds in a cage in our house?”
“Why is that reptile in our house?”
“How can she stand keeping those dogs here when all they do is bark and stink up the place?”
“Why is her bed so far away from the sunny windows?”
“When she goes away and comes back why is she SO lazy? Why must we go re-rub our scent all over her shoes? Why can’t she ever come up to us & rub against us?”
“When I talk to her, why doesn’t she listen to me? I meow, call her, mama & do what she suggests. Why can’t she return the favor? I learned her language!”

@jack & body my cats pee in the toilet and aim…Can you say the same?

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Starting in the morning:

“Hrm… it’s so nice and warm in bed. Don’t move. DON’T MOVE. I’m gonna need another 15 minutes cuddling.”
“Ok time to pet me. PET ME PET ME PET ME.”
“You’re going already? Where are you going? Don’t go. Now. Stay here and feed me. Why aren’t you feeding me?”
“Ok, leave but I’ll sit here by the window and make you feel bad about it.”
“Yay! You’re back. PETTING PETTING PETTING!!! There’s nothing else here but me. YOU NEED TO PET ME NOW!”
“Why isn’t my bowl full either? Food. Feeed me. Dry food? Seriously? Where’s the wet yummy one?”
“Ok, now I feel like going out. You need to open the door. OPEN!”
5 minutes later…
“Why am I outside? Let me in!”
“Pay attention to me, I’m going to roll now. Look at me!”
“Ok, now some belly scratching.”
“We’re going to bed now? Beddy!”
“Ok, nevermind that man, please only cuddle with me now. Look how cute and fuzzy my backside is! Look at my butt!”
“Quiet. Sleep time now.”

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First, he wants to know why I allowed a dog in the house, again. Especially since this one chews on his head! the cat forgets the he lands on her back and rides her (the dog) down the hallway Second, he wants to know why we have fish if we won’t allow him to play with them. We’ve had three unfortunate, unexplained fish deaths…the cat isn’t talking! Third, he wants to know why the hell I changed his food! he’s blocking out the fact that his rear should have wide load on it.

Basically, he thinks I’m a mean and an idiot. He is the master.

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Daniel thinks of me a a semi-automatic feeding machine that is good to lay on, and has a nice massage feature. He seems to like to turn on the noise feature often. It gives him great pleasure hearing the yelps I make when he “marches” on me with his claws slightly out.

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@ Celeste…does your cat have a friend name Bootsie? They have the same afternoon routine…well, except for the part where my Bootsie jumps on Dakota’s back and rides her down the hall. (Dakota weighs about 70lbs and is tall, part Border Collie…Bootsie is a hefty cat, but I’m not allowed to weigh him…he bites me if I try.)

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@scamp…that’s probably one of the best descriptions I’ve heard…“semi-automatic feeding machine!” That’s perfect! :)

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@cak my cat makes no friends. But I think all cats have the same routine with minor differences. At least the happy ones do.

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“When is he going to feed me again?”

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Hey syz, there is a new Simon’s Cat.

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After 18 years I am sure my cat thinks. She sees me come into the house and gets up from where ever she is to come visit. We talk cat back and forth for ten minutes or so. She has probably 35 different words or phrases she uses. She lays on my lap and purrs for hours. When I was in a wheelchair for 6 months she was giddy. “Mobile lap”. That was me. When I hold her she reaches up with her paw and touches my cheek in what I have come to see as a loving gesture. She sleeps stretched out next to me as close as she can get, also with the paw reaching up for the cheek. She is very smart and sweet and is a huge part of me. I love my Ibanez.

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@cak Thanks! Glad to give you a smile!

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i tell people “i pay the rent so the cats have a place to live and they’re nice enough to let me sleep there.”

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i have two cats and one of them sees me as a slave

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Mine see me as a useful piece of self-warming furniture.

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My cat head butts me, rubs against me, sleeps on my chest or right next to me in bed under the covers, she comes when i call her, she answers when I speak to her, she looks at me with half closed, adoring eyes while purring very loudly. She meets me at the door and falls down and flips everytime I get home. I think she loves me ;P

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My cat thinks I’m the “cat’s meow”. He told me so.

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