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What is your favorite color?

Asked by GAMBIT (3958points) September 30th, 2008

Mine is sky blue

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I, too, like blue… particularly any shade that is superintelligent, like hooloovoo.

And cerulean, sapphire, azure, and indigo.

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Green. But I also like blues, purples, black, other cold colors.

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I like earthtone colors mostly because they relax me, any earthtone color.

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I adore pink/brown, turquoise blue/brown, & soft lime green/brown.

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purple/black/benjamin green/blue

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Kelly green. But I like purple and yellow and teal a lot.

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Red. My couch is red, I have some red furniture. I love red clothes and shoes. Definitely Red!

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Green for sure, but also any of the “gem tones.” That includes red, purple, blue and any of the other intense colors.

I don’t do pastels well, and earth tones to me feel like rental furniture and inexpensive hotels.

Chacon a son gout!

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Sapphire blue – and it’s my birthstone, as well.

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it would have to be black and red for me.

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Emerald green.

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Not gray.

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Pink and green. And blues and purples. =)

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i like pink, but not every shade, mostly hot pink and bright pinks no pastels i also like yellow

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blue/grey/brown/green That’s not a color, but hey mix em all up and it would be just one. dunno if I’d like it or not, but it’d be a color!

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Red. Or pink and black together.

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I thought black wasn’t a color but rather the state in which all colors are present. Just saying… Anyway, I would have to pick Carolina blue as my fav.

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Green…almost any shade of it. Restful, but not boring.

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Green – sage and medium green particularly.

Saffron yellow..

And the color of red wine. The deep saturated blood red.

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NEON GREEN! woooooh! or pink or purple or sexay blueeeeee

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most greens, teal.

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orange…..and purple

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silver and glimering gold
and purple

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The favorite color question has always bothered me because “color” does not exist as a thing “in and of itself.” Rather, color is always the product of some other physical properties—as we perceive that object. For this reason, I have many favorite colors: apples that are green rather than red, horizons that are golden rather than blue, women’s hair that is deep brunette rather than blonde, industrial colors on cars rather than pastels, white sandy beaches rather than dark or black…

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Emerald green and shades of green. They go well with my Red Hair. It is not orange.

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Blue, grey, silver, white, black, and tan

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I have always being fickle with colours, I like cold colours.But one time at school we had to colour in our maths shape homework to show which shape was which everyone else did in different colours and I had done mine all in different colours of green.I didnt realise and the teacher came up to me my any chance is your favourite green, it creeped me out how she knew something about me I didn’t even know myself.

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I seem to be drawn to pink, although I like periwinkle, too. I had a periwinkle sweater that I loved, and have never been able to find another one.

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Shades of green.

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Pink is my favorite color.

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