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not quite sure but I know it’s in the bible somewhere…

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Wikipedia sounds like a good place to find your answer to this one.

Took me three seconds.

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He found the answer here too!

Point is, you can’t fault someone for using THIS question and answer site instead of any other.

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Fluther: the lazy man’s Google.

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I would think it takes the same amount of energy to type the question in Google as it does Fluther, no?

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1. Type into Google toolbar (Mac Safari), hit enter
2. See instant results, click best hit
3. Read

1. Load Fluther web site
2. Ask question, add details, assign tags
3. Wait for an answer, 30 seconds to 30 days, depending
4. Get someone’s opinion
5. Follow up (eventually) with “yeah, but what about…”

My point: Google is great for answer fact-based questions, Fluther is great for answering opinion-based questions.

For example, I would never ask Fluther, “How many kilometers in a mile?”

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I just wiki’ed it and it doesn’t make for easy reading. I like an answer utilizing Occam’s razor (make answer as simple as possible with a few assumptions as possible). So, I’m lazy.

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Did this (below) make sense?

“Gog and Magog occur widely in mythology and folklore. They are variously presented as men, supernatural beings (giants or demons), national groups, or lands.”

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There is a (debated) assumption within Christian circles that it refers to the land area currently occupied by the former Soviet Union.

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They’re alcoholic beverages that are usually served at Christmastime. That Gog is pretty strong, but Magog will knock you on your butt. And Omagog will put you in bed for three days. Oh, and don’t forget Omafuckingog…which has been made illegal several countries!

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