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Solo show vs Group show?

Asked by BronxLens (1539points) September 30th, 2008

Say I was inclined to open a pseudo gallery (by apointment only in my apartment), what are the pro/cons of making the opening show a 1-man show (my own photography, drawings, etc.) versus showing them alongside the work of contributors (i would charge a nominal gallery-fee), or even exhibiting everything but my work?- more in the spirit of a true gallery.

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You’d have more ppl to get more ppl there. And to share in the costs and advertising. More different types of ppl that may not normally come to see your work, but may discover it by accident.

Good luck!

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Solo shows are preferable in some respects, but it all depends on the cache’ of the artist. If the artist has some reputation —good or bad—it is a treat to go to the show just for that work and to be able to judge for yourself. A solo show also gives the patron a better shot at meeting that artist. At joint shows it’s tough to know exactly whom is who. I chatted with an artist about a piece and was chagrined to learn I was talking to the wrong artist.

If you are a new talent, then I would think a joint show might bring in a larger group of people who might be inclined to venture out for the other artists. One suggestion: If you’re hosting a joint show, invite those artists who work in mediums different from yours. You will better stand out.

Good, no, Great luck to you.

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I love the idea of solo shows, but I really have to dig the artist. The thing is, I go to mostly solo shows, because that’s what’s put on in the venues that I frequent, but I would rather go to a group show, because then you get a plethora of different artists and styles. I’d love to see Jon Burgerman, SketOne and Frank Kozik all at one show. 3 extremely different styles, but all on the same medium. Which is why I love vinyls. Hopefully my name will be up there with them someday too.

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