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Enable Camera RAW from Bridge?

Asked by XCNuse (1192points) September 30th, 2008

I had to reformat my harddrive and lost a lot of my settings, when I right click a picture of mine in bridge no longer can i open it using camera raw, how do i re-enable this?

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Right Click and go to the “open with” menu. Then select Bridge in the list or browse to find it. Then check “apply for all this kind of files” and it should work.

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i tried doing that but the problem is, camera raw is a plug-in, it isn’t an actual .exe so it still has to open photoshop first to do anything.

I don’t know what is different, the first time around it automatically did it, no idea i’ll keep an eye out if i find anything though.

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Get the latest update for camera raw plug in for Bridge, and reinstall.

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Something similar happened tome also, had to reload the software and download. I am using OSX with an abbreviated version of PS and using a RAW download from Nikon.
Good luck.

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Oh, yes, so it’s a Photoshop setting, go in Photoshop pref panes and you’ll find something related to plug or raw, and check “Open raw files with camera raw”, or this kind of thing.

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