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What are some of the most unique dating sites you've come across?

Asked by SmithPow123 (11points) September 30th, 2008

I’m working on a research project for an advanced sociology class about the effect of the internet on dating and relationships. I’ve seen some of the most random dating sites – anything from convict dating to herpes dating sites to even wealthy men looking for young, attractive women (a.k.a. golddigger sites). Do you know of any interesting ones?

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Does it have to be a real site?

You might check this one

I think it’s the funniest couples site on the net.

Don’t forget about Craig’s List, The Onion personals, etc.

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Well, being from midwest, more specifically, Ohio, there is a sight that advertises for, and i make no joke, farmers, and farmers only. i do believe their slogan is something along the lines of,

“Cause big-city folk just don’t get it”


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Unfortunately I cannot tell you the exact site, but a close friend met her current beau on a “Catholics only” website. It was nice for both of them to meet there as it (being a practicing Catholic) is something that is extremely important to both of them in a mate.
They have been dating for a long time and intend to marry.

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Along the same lines as snoopy’s, there is, but it’s for Jews, not Catholics.

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For the cougars out there – Toy Boy Warehouse

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And, not to be left out, of course, websites for Muslims.

kevbo's avatar is run by the show “Cheaters.”

Tom Lykis (sp?) once reported that regular Internet dating sites have a higher correlation with casual sex than other forms of dating.

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tangowire has a bunch of unique sites.

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Here’s a website for people with so-called “special conditions.” I searched under bipolar.

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I don’t see any websites where blind people can search for date possibilities.

How sad…

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@deaddolly, there doesn’t appear to be a dating option for Also, it’s usually a good idea to add NSFW (not safe for work) if you’re directing folks to a link with porn or other material that could get someone in trouble with their IT dept. Just FYI and thanks.

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chubbychasers is not a porn site. lol it’s by tangowire. My friend (male) is on that site and there’s nothing porn about it.
It’s I just called him to find out.

Sorry. lmfao.

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This one cracks me up because it’s not really a dating site. But you pay for a profile and then print out cards with you member number and hand them out to people.

I never figured out why you would be able to walk up to someone and hand them a card, but then have to wait and see if they looked you up and contacted you based on your profile.

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For athletic types; my daughter met someone nice:
Smart people sites;

And for the whole shebang of niche dating;

(Psst. SmithPow. Since your soc. class is advanced, be warned that you shouldn’t qualify “unique.”

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i dont need that:D

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Ive seen dating site recently and they seem to be pretty interesting – especially with all the news about women like demi moore dating younger men younger men in the press. I think it can be a good thing so long as they don’t expect to find ‘the one’ straight away. There are lots of nice guys out there are the moment and I have heard quite a few success stories so if your the right women and you find the right man then toy boys can be a good way to date.

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