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What exactly is Alabama High-Test?

Asked by redsfan1324 (184points) September 30th, 2008

from the song, “Alabama High-Test” as performed by Old Crow Medicine Show.

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I think it’s moonshine, but I’m not positive.

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Great song. Based on the lyrics it is a kind of pot. “Dixie fried home grown” “Cruisin with a half pound.”

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its originally moonshine but maybe a name of a strain of pot too

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its most certainly a type of weed. and hopefully i will find out this weekend how awesome it really is because it has been rumored that OCMS has passed along some to my phriend

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Alabama high-test is certainly a strain of maryjane grown in the ridges and plateaus of north alabama. The stuff thrives during the Alabama summer along with other invasives from all over the world.

Allegedly this song is about a fella from Ardmore, AL (right on the state line at I-65 with its sister city Ardmore, TN) trying to get his half-pound across the state line.

I grew up in the hollows and reside in both states and can attest that drug dealing is very, very common here. Especially meth.

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It’s traditional a type of sweet weed grown by rednecks but more recently its also come to mean crystal meth.

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It is wicked weed….. Been in ‘Nam and around the world and this stuff pushes the limit as far as home grown…. Just sayin’.

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