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Herbal help for PMS?

Asked by Celeste00 (786points) September 30th, 2008

So, I suffer from all that PMS is badly. Sure, I know we girls all gotta deal with it, but it’s very disruptive for my life and I’d love to know if anyone knows of an herbal option to deal with the hormonal craziness. Boys, you can ignore this if you want ;)

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I’ve read soybean suppplements work well. Avoid caffiene.

My daughter was diagnosed with ppmsd (I forgot the exact term—it’s been so long). She got on Zoloft and has been fine ever since. And she was HORRIBLE to be around, and she knew it. Zoloft may not be the answer for everyone, but it’s worked for her.

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Avoid caffeine? I don’t want to be MORE irritable :P

Anyway, I know there’s prescription drugs, but I rather not go that route.

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Black Cohosh
You could also try getting ANY herbal questions answered at Dr. Weil’s website & sign up for his Extremely useful newletter!

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Drop the coffee and switch to Green Tea for awhile. I am a coffee-holic but I drop coffee at the first signs of the dreaded and brew green tea instead for calming and caffeine.

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I agree with avoiding caffeine and really any carbonated drinks…they make stomach cramps a lot worse, I heard it when I was younger and it really seemed to help

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I can’t use the soybean supplements because it interferes with my thyroid medication. So for those on synthroid or similar medications, check with your doctor before using.

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Yeah, I could never avoid caffiene. I’m a happy addict.

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I just read in some newsletter (I get a lot of them) but this was legit, that accupuncture helps with post-menopausal hot flashes. Why not PMS?. Accupuncure is benign, safe, and extremely interesting (as long as you move nothing except eyelids and don’t twitch while the needles are in.

@I would second Spaezle’s vote for Andrew Weil’s newsletter. My sister pays for hers and then passes it on to me. It is filled with really useful advice.

I would also think twice about the soybean supps until reading the pros and cons, particularly if you have breast cancer in your family.

We cranked thru the one or two bad days with heating pads, Midol (Tylenol would do the same thing) and whining to our friends.

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I don’t so much have physical side effects as much as emotional ones. Basically, I go kinda crazy. That’s what I was mainly trying to deal with. Calming herbs sound like a good idea, specially the tea and such. Was hoping something would get into my brain and get it back to normal.

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@Celestial; have you tried meditation or diaphragmatic breathing?. Calming herbal tea is a great idea, as may be some scented oils, like lavender. Put some on a cotton ball next to pillow or a small dab under nose, so you can have the aroma waft over you – either asleep or awake.

I use the ^^ belly breathing for panic attacks, scary trips to the oncologist for yearly “thumbs up,” for distressing times with my ancient mother, etc. Another tip is to lie down, put a nice, warm cat on your abdomen and gently lift him up and down with your breath. You will be laughing too hard to feel “crazy.”

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Red raspberry leaf tea is great for the pains and calming. I also take maca root capsules daily and have seen a dramatic improvement in my pms—to the point of my husband helps remind me to take it because he doesn’t want my symptoms to come back!

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