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Help with my SD card reader?

Asked by afghanmoose (554points) September 30th, 2008

i had recently purchased a Dynex card reader so i can put pics from my digital camera to my imac,problem is that nothing happens when i connect this product. so i called the company and they said i dont need to doownload a driver,even though on their website it has a driver download for macs,and once i downloaded it it says the file is a text file with the last three initials .sit, what should i do to open that setup up

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It’s not a text file. It’s a stuffit archive.

Now, your Mac should have come with Stuffit Expander software already installed. But if not, you can download it.

Once expanded, that archive might contain anything at all: an installer executable, a disk image, no tellin’.

Good luck.

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And is the card reader plugged into a hub or directly into the computer? Some things are picky with hubs.

For example: My iPod Touch won’t work when plugged into my USB hub. I have to plug it directly into the iMac.

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i found out that my printer thats an all in one also has slots for all the memory cards,thanks everyone for your help

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If you faced any problem of the card ‘not reading’ type, always try to change the slot, or move the reader slowly, or lastly change the reader itself, as described at sd card reader problems

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