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Have you ever built a tree house or known someone who has?

Asked by fireside (12307points) September 30th, 2008

I was watching this video about some tree houses in NYC and was remembering my friend’s uncle’s property.

They had/have a tree house and some platforms around their yard with a zip line and some other fun things, like a bridge over a stream and target buckets in a small pond to toss ping pong balls into from one of the the platforms.

Another friend built a pirate ship for their son to play on in the yard. In a way, it is like lawn art too.

Does anyone else have experiences like this?

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I really want to but my dad says I’m too old for them

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Absolutely. Some of my best childhood memories are from a fort that me and my friend built in his yard. It was next to a cow pasture and when we would sleepover, we would try to ride the cows at night. We did tip them once. We also tried to run multiple 100 foot extension cords to get power out to the fort. The farmer caught us and told our parents, which they surprisingly found funny. We built it out of whatever we could find in his grandmas shed and my barn at home. I think this is where I got my love for home renovation.

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Yep,check this out . I have stayed there, it was awesome!

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