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How to I import the text messages and photos from my Samsung (AT&T) cell phone to my MacBook?

Asked by zina (1661points) September 30th, 2008

Sorry if this is a dumb question that’s already been asked, and/or that I can Google. I tried, but I’m really not familiar with cell phones. A step-by-step would be great. Thanks!

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Text messages I’m not sure about in terms of import, but you can ‘pair’ the phone and MB with bluetooth, and in the menu-bar dropdown for bluetooth (the B logo in the menubar) you can select ‘Browse device’ and look through your phone for the photos, drag them onto the desktop from that window when you find them.

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yeah, bluetooth is what I use with my imac. Very easy to use.

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I tried the bluetooth thing (very cool and simple!), but my phone doesn’t show up. Any ideas? Do I need to turn on bluetooth on my phone?

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of course bluetooth has to be on, you can send your photos to your computer via bluetooth, but you can’t send your texts to your computer, been there done that, ran out of stuff to try

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you have to make your phone “discoverable”

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… which isn’t as hard as it sounds. Just look through your phone’s ‘Settings’ menu – bluetooth is often filed under ‘Connectivity’. Once on, your Macbook should see it as a device (probably called Samsung Xx phone unless you’ve set a custom name in the settings).

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Ah ha. I activated bluetooth under the Settings menu on my phone, but it still didn’t show up.

Turns out I had to set up the device under the bluetooth preferences on my computer.

But it still didn’t show… so I also needed to turn on ‘visibility’ on the bluetooth settings on the phone.

so step by step:
~ phone:
1.settings menu -> bluetooth – activated
2. same bluetooth menu – visibility turned on

~ computer:
1. bluetooth turned on
2. bluetooth preferences -> devices -> set up new device (it will do a password to confirm)
3. return to bluetooth menu -> browse device -> open the phone

SO… I got all this to work, but the folders (graphics, music, etc) on the phone are showing up as empty! I can upload something from my computer to the phone, but nothing is appearing as currently there! Any ideas?

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Have a real good browse through all the folders listed, not just those ones – different phone manufacturers have different file hierarchies for where files land when created.

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I did….. checked ‘em all….

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i still haven’t figured out why some files show up and some don’t (I used to have an samsung A707 “sync”, now I’m using my sisters’ A727 (she upgraded to iphone)) but anyways, all the music and sounds show up but from my computer graphics don’t, a few weeks ago using the older Broadcom software I could see all of it, but since my reformat and Widcomm software it only picks up the music, I’m just glad I got the sending files back and forth again, I was an idiot and tried to fix something that wasn’t broken last night, after sending a file.. tried to do something, and then couldn’t until miraculously worked again today.

best way to do graphics though is just go to it in your media, and go to send -> send via bluetooth

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