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What's a good LAN game that doesn't require CD?

Asked by KingVitamin (3points) August 11th, 2007

Not to encourage piracy, but my friends and I are having a small LAN party this weekend and looking for a few good things to play. I'm considering buying a couple old games for the event, but need some that won't require multiple licenses--meaning a CD for each CPU. FPS games favored.

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The newest version of Unreal Tournament 2004 doesn't require a CD by default, except for the install, but you might need to download a patch to make this work (v3.369 or something like that).

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well the Halo Demo allows you to play one multiplayer map without a CD

also you might want to try WarRock - its totally free and is an excellent Counterstrike replacement

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I believe you can spawn a copy of Serious Sam..

Speaking of spawned games.
You can Spawn copies of both Diablo Games...its not a FPS but whatever.

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No disk at all, free download.

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Does this help any?

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