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So, if Yankees play the Mets, it is called the Subway Series, is there a nickname for games between the Cubs and the White Soxes?

Asked by boxing (1051points) October 1st, 2008

And, how about Dodgers and Angels, Giants and A’s? I don’t even hear any nicknames for local rivalries in other sports around New York either.

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yes, either cross-town rivalry or subway series.

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South side vs. North side… Civil war?

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The “El” series.

The Windy City Classic

The Lou and Ozzie show

As I sit here thinking these up I am happily waiting in the Brewers Virtual Waiting Room trying to get more tickets for the NLDS.

Brewers Vs. Cubs = I-94 Series

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Crosstown Classic is what we’ve always called it.

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PrancingUrchin is right on. Crosstown Classic. Although, as excited as I am that not only my beloved Cubbies have another shot at the Series, but the Sox as well, I have to say that were there to be a Cubs/White Sox world series, I fear the city will explode.

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…...hence Jack’s “disaster” answer…

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After asking and searching around, here is what I got:

Yankees – Mets: Subway Series
Cubs – White Soxes: Crosstown Classic
Dodgers – Angels: Freeway Series
Giants – Athletics: Bay Bridge Series

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When the Giants played the A’s in the World Series, it was “the Battle of the Bay.”

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the L word!

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I dunno.
Is it a Beer & Steak
for the BrewCrew vs. the Philly’s?

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What would a Houston Astros – Texas Rangers series be called? (“This just in: Hell freezes over! Details after the game.”)

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