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Redesigning outdated logos?

Asked by Grim (384points) October 1st, 2008

I have a class assignment where I have to find a company logo that I think is outdated and redesign with for a fresher look, or to convey its message clearer. So far the only popular logo/company name that I can find that I feel is in need of a new look is the google logo. I think its use of different colored letters are extremely limiting and the font is not modern enough. Does anybody have any suggestions towards redesigning the google logo, or suggestions of other companies in dire need of a new look? any help would be greatly appreciated ;)

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If you do want to redesign that logo, look at their material. They have a surprising amount to say about that logo, both on the blog and in the book Search.

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Google plays with their logo all the time – as a suggestion I would think of a company from way back (ie 1930’s 40’s) and re design it with a modern vintage flair. The only thing that comes to mind is texaco.. but maybe thats because we don have them in nova scotia anymore.

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Golly. Where to start?

> Ford Motor Company
> American Express
> General Electric

I might be easily impressed, but I thought the redesign of the Baskin Robbins logo where the “31” is highlighted within the BR was straight up genius.

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If you really want to do this for real, we are trying to design a logo for my husbands construction business. He doesn’t have one right now. I also have an Apartment commmunity that could use an updated logo. You can find the logo here

and here is another apartment community that I need an updated logo for.

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Rob: Yeah. At first I was getting all nostalgic about the old Baskin Robbins logo.
Then I realized the 31 was incorporated into the new logo. Kudos to the BR marketing team.

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@Rob: I hadn’t even noticed that! Related: Does everyone know about the “arrow” in the FedEx logo? I never noticed that, either, till my daughter told me it was there.

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How about:
Lehman Brothers
Freddie Mac
Fannie Mae

Just incorporate this into their respective logos, and that should be an A+... You can thank me later.

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@augustlan, ow, my eyes. Never saw it before. It keeps switching from an arrow to the Ex and back again.

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What arrow?

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@syz: It’s right between the upper case “E” and the “x”.

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I totally could not see that until you pointed it out

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Now, you will never not see it. It pops right out once you know it’s there!

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@ Robmandu

I’m with you all the way, with that ‘31’ part in the Baskin Robbins logo. I’m very easily sold on smart methods of conveying different or multiple meanings in logos.

What I DON´T get, though, is what the ‘31’ part stands for… lol. I’m probably dumber than a dead donkey, not seeing it.

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@makemo: Baskin Robbins is the home of “31 Flavors” of ice cream. It was their claim to fame in the beginning.

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And that, my friend, is exactly why I love it so much. :]

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Proctor & Gamble. They are always accused of being up to daemonic no-good because of their logo.

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Firstly rescued some of the images you produced along the way and have absolutely experimented with remember a bit by what you seemed to be imagining. For your way of thinking, designs emerge through principles, principles will not emerge through designs. Ones objective in building a emblem is, with ideal, to demonstrate the main benefit of when using the service or product and also with lowest to generate a image symbolic representation in the intended theme.

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