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What should I know about Bill Mahr?

Asked by syz (35695points) October 1st, 2008

I just watched a segment on The Daily Show with Bill Mahr talking about his new film, Religulous. I have fallen in love with him based on this guest spot! (Ok, I’m being facetious, but he has managed to verbalize my own feelings about religion more effectively than anyone I have ever encountered.) Otherwise, I know almost nothing about him. Are there any scary skeletons in his repertoire that would be likely to change my impression of him?

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I will not miss a show of his ever on HBO on Friday nights at 11PM.

I think his show is one of the best political shows on TV. He is definitely left leaning, but always has conservatives and independents on his show.

Im pretty sure you can find his shows on youtube. I would highly recommend watching his show. Its funny. And… hes a fellow smot poker. I mean pot smoker and very open about it.

And in case you do an internet search, its Bill Maher.

He even had Ralph Nader on his show last Friday after the debate to see what he had to say.

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I saw him on The View and he was great. Came back at everything thrown at him by the ‘religious’ ones on the show. He’s very interesting.

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He is brilliant. I have loved him since his days on Politically Incorrect.

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And if you don’t know who superhead is, there’s a porno that you really need to see.

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(I have a very hard time giving credence to someone who allows herself to be referred to as “superhead”.)

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That his name is spelt Maher.

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lol…yeah, porn is not my time at all. It does make me laugh tho. I do like the porn versions of stories like Alice In Wonderland. Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee were pretty entertaining!

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@Magnus Yea, I got that. Thanks.

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He’s amazing. I love him.

But..if you’re easily offended, steer clear. And don’t go linking your religious buddies to his vids.

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Actually, lefteh, if you have friends and family who forward you every email they’ve ever come across that involves angels or people finding their faith again with absolutely all the nested quoting in place for pages and pages and no original content… you might want to send those people some links to some of Bill Maher. :^>

Hey, it’s a solution.

@syz, in some issues he’s left leaning, but he’s more of a libertarian in terms of freedoms. I think the best way to get a feel for his stuff is to just watch whatever you can find of him on YouTube.

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I used to like him esp. his take on religion, and his take on the Daily show’s “Rally for Sanity” (that a rally is supposed to be about something). But he is not different from most of the comedians out there since he hides behind “I’m a comedian” excuse. I had one of the latest videos a few minutes ago involving “The View” ...Mubarek, ....“Lara Logan”, ...“Elizabeth Hasselbeck”. It has the clip from The View and Letterman. There he is objectifiying a journalist “intrepid hotness”, and trivializing rape, (the scandal involving Penn State)

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