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Is anyone else excited that Phish is touring again?

Asked by shilolo (18075points) October 1st, 2008

I just heard that Phish will be playing three shows in Virginia in 2009, and that more shows will be announced! I may have to plan a little “business trip” to VA in March. Any other FlutherPhishHeads planning on going?

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You’re so funny shilolo.

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Make sure the acid wears off before you go back to work.. =)

Are more shows going to be spread throughout the country?

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This is great news. The world is a better place with barefoot children dancing on the lawn.

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I have never seen them, but I’ll definitely catch them when they come to L.A. I’m excited to see what the fuss is all about.

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I agree with tinyfaery. If they come to town, I’ll check them out. I know Trey Anastasio is brilliant, but I’ve never actually seen them do anything live. But from what I hear I may need to bring a sleeping bag and take a week off.

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I just recently got turned on to Phish, and if they came within 200 miles, I’d be there!

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