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What woud look more professional?

Asked by tinyfaery (42910points) October 1st, 2008

I bought a suit. The arms of the jacket are a bit long, and I haven’t had the time to get them tailored. Would it be better to wear the suit without the jacket, but of course looking very professional in every other way, or wear the jacket?

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What is the suit for? Job interview? Presentation? Or is it just for everyday at work?
If it is for an interview or presentation, I say wear the suit, because more than likely you’ll be using your arms a lot, and the sleeve length won’t really be all that apparent. Long sleeves (as long as they’re not obscenely long) are better than short.
If it is just for everyday work attire, go without the jacket, and just get it tailored. As soon as it comes back from the tailor, you’ll be spick and span.

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Eh, that depends on how much too long the arms are, in my opinion. If they’re just a bit too long, it’s probably more professional-looking to wear the jacket, but if it’s obvious from across the room that they don’t fit, I’d leave the jacket off.

Will you be doing anything that might draw attention to your hands? Because that’s another consideration.

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As a temporary fix, could you turn them under and use some of that hem tape (that you use an iron to melt)? It will easily last for while – and then get it tailored when you have time.

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Great soultion syz!!

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I’d go for the suit for the reasons stated above. You’ll make a good first impression…I probably would never notice if the sleeves were to long or not.
Best of luck to you!

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As long as the sleeves are only moderately too long, I doubt anyone would notice. And it makes a nicer, polished look with the whole outfit put together.

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Depends how “too long” the sleeves are. If your hands dont show out of the end of the sleeves I’d leave it at home.

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Also depends on the climate where you live. If its really hot there don’t wear the jacket anyway.

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I’m in L.A. and it’s about 100. Plus it’s a casual office; the lawyers wear slacks and polos. I’m thinking it’s okay to go without the jacket. Huh?

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Based on your last clarification tinyfaery, I agree it is okay to go without.

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I think it would be ok, but wearing the jacket if you can would help to really “seal the deal.” Good luck!!

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I’d go without the jacket. You want to look like you will fit in with the other employee’s in the office and you don’t want to look uncomfortable. If wearing what you consider to be an ill fitting jacket is going to distract you leave it at home.

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I went without the jacket. I got the job. It pays about $4.00 more than my current job. Thanks to all of you who helped. No more interview questions. Promise!

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I hear you on the heat, tf, and the sleeves (unless they are down to your knuckles), but I would wear the jacket. You could as you are directed to a chair by the interviewer, slip it off and lay it across your lap.

Do you have a friend you could ask to come and preview you in the outfit? It would be much easier to judge in person.

BTW, as a non-sewer, I have found the tape syz recommended a godsend more than once.

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First of all, the syz advice is awesome anytime you are in a clothing pinch, interview or no! But next time, wear the jacket even if it is a casual environment. You can take off the jacket once you get there if needed and dress down once you get the job. Now that you are moving up in the world, you need to be ready to dress up for the next one. Congrats on your new gig!

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(thumbs up)

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YAY! congrats on the job!!

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Congratulations, tiny! We knew you had it in ya’!

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Good going, tf. I am sure that this will lead to even more and better for you. It is bound to be less stressful than your last position.

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