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Boston Old Town Trolley Tour? Do you recommend?

Asked by jsc3791 (1988points) October 1st, 2008

I made another post earlier asking about must-see and must-do while in Boston.

Has anyone ever taken the Old Town Trolley Tour? Seems like a good way to hit a lot of the major highlights in Boston.

Does anyone have an opinion of it?

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Haven’t taken the Old Town trolley tour in Boston but I have in other cities. I think it’s well worth doing for a good overview and definitely not a rip-off.

Otherwise, walking around Boston Common, the North End (Paul REvere, etc.) and Quincy Market. Fanueil Hall is fun. I particularly love the Isabelle Stewart GArdiner Museum – a 19th century art collector’s villa with all the original art in place.

If you like aquaria, the Boston Aquarium is quite a good one, and I’ve heard the Science Musuem is great although I’ve not been there.

Dinner at either Legal Seafood or Durgin Park is a must.

Oh – and afternoon tea in either the Copley Plaza or the Ritz Carlton.

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Go on a Duck tour. You won’t be disappointed. Another thing that you might enjoy, one of the trolley companies (I’m thinking Bean Town or Old Town) has an evening tour of the famous cemetaries. Loads of fun.
Whatever you do, don’t miss the full tour of the USS Constitution (not the self tour). Also, if you are in Boston for any length of time you should get a subway pass for a week. It’s inexpensive and will take you just about anywhere in the city.
And of course, don’t forget to walk the Freedom Trail. A good guide to carry along while walking it is The Complete Guide to Boston’s Freedom Trail by Charles Bahne. You can find it throughout the city.
Have fun!

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@astrochuck: why do you recommend duck over old town??

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The Duck Tour is much more fun, hip in a dorky kind of way, and…you get to go in the water. They are refurbished amphibious military vehicles. Each duck boat is brightly painted and themed to something Boston-centric. The drivers/tour guides are a blast and are also dressed up as characters of their choice.

You can pick them up at the Museum of Science on the Cambridge-Boston line. Take the Green Line train to the Science Park stop. While you’re there, you have to visit the Museum of Science.

Be sure to pick up a Charlie Card (train pass) for the week.

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If I were you, I’d do Old Town which I believe is hop on-hop off. The Duck Tour is fun and you do get to go in the Charles River, but I don’t think you’ll get as complete an overview. I think that Old Town gives a more complete, in depth overview. :)

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I wasn’t recommending it over a trolley tour. The trolley tours encompass much more. The Duck tours are only a couple hours long but are a lot of fun. I would suggest both if you are able. And be sure to check out the graveyard night tour if you can. So much to do and see in Boston.

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I am without focus about Boston….....

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The trolley tour is okay. But I’d totally go with the duck tours if it were one or the other – its a lot more exciting and the drivers do a spectacular job. Last time I was on the trolley tour, I fell asleep to the drone of the driver.

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