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Asked by FiRE_MaN (684points) October 1st, 2008

my class has to host homecoming this year and being as ignorant as possible they chose space as our theme.. any ideas of what we could have to make this a good dance? that is cheap? We are having it in our gym like it is every year and the main lights are going to be off and it is going to be lighted by other lights.. hard to describe. But we need a good hook to get people to come. also we do not have that much money so expensive things are out… but feel free to put them if it puts a smile on your face!.......

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Space? As in the final frontier?
You could have a trekkie homecoming.
Ha. Just kidding.

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I would use glow in the dark stars to decorate, you can get these really cheap and hand out glow necklaces/bracelets at the door, they are also really cheap. I will try to think of some more ideas :0)

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The word stars has multiple meanings so you can play with that (where the stars of tomorrow shine bright)

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you could get some giant styrofoam balls and paint them to look like planets. Better yet, you could do this with balloons and have them floating near tables. You can buy pretty cheap, planetary/space-y fabric and use that as table cloths and maybe to wrap the stage (if funds allow).

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“Come space out with the Class of 2008 (alien admission free)” maybe suspend a large flying saucer from the gym ceiling with built in strobes flashing away.

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a fog machine also gives off a nice effect

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thanks for your help! we are doing the things with the glow stuff with the decorations and stuff and i like the saucer with strobes idea because i was gonna get us a disco ball but that might be better.

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I’m not very creative with ideas, but I do wish you well on creating a great dance!

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Our homecoming is in December. I’m asking the principals son lol

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looks like that mirrored ball is gonna get double duty this year.

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You could play with the black hole idea… maybe a shadowy corner where kids can make out? Ehehe… Or not.

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hahaha teachers would not approve of the “black hole’ idea haha but that would be cool.

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