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What should be my next rental from Netflix?

Asked by knittingandcanning (346points) October 1st, 2008

These are some of my favorite films/television shows. Keeping this list in mind, what do you think I would enjoy?

Family Guy
Battlestar Galactica
The Office
Project Runway
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Advertising Rules!
Wonder Boys
The Big Lebowski
Code 46
The Station Agent
Scotland P.A.
Drole de Felix
Harold and Maude
Turner and Hooch
Three Men and a Baby
The Hitchhicker’s Guide to the Galaxy
The Staircase
The Savages
The Yes Men
Fast, Cheap & Out of Control
Die Hard (all)
Harry Potter (all)
The Princess Bride
Army of Darkness
Iron Man
Batman Begins
The Dark Knight Returns

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I think you’ve already seen them all.

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Doesn’t Netflix recommend movies to you?
Based off of what you’ve seen and liked?

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I’m Reed Fish.

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In Netflix, try to rate as many DVDs as possible, and there would be some good recommendations generated. The more you rate, the better the recommendations become.

Off my head, I think you might enjoy the Indiana Jones series, Chronicle of Nadia, National Treasure series…

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Sean of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Space Quest,
A Mighty Wind, Edward Scissorhands, MST3K, Il Postino

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@ kruger, good call on a mighty wind. awesome movie.

If you like serenity and firefly, you could watch Buffy (though it’s a helluva lot longer than firefly). If you are any kind of sci-fi fan, I would suggest Gattaca. Awesome movie, very moving.

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Rate movies, TV shows….really anything that you have seen to get Netflix’s matrix to work the best for you….

Also, don’t forget to rate the different genres. Good or bad, to get more suggestions.

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i really into dexter and weeds right now. i’m trying to get back into heroes, but i skipped a season or two. i’d really like to go back and rent them. also lost was good for a few seasons before it lost me. maybe it’d be better to be able to watch it all together. i really liked six feet under. arrested development and coupling(bbc version) was pretty fab.

i’ve been really behind on movies. i’d second shawn of the dead, hot fuzz, and gattaca. a bit of a downer, but i really liked waitress. made me want a lot of pie though.

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Nimis, boxing & Snoopy: The reason I’m asking this is because so far, my partner and I have rated 857 movies and Netflix had 161 recommendations for us today. Unfortunately, only 3 of the 161 seemed somewhat interesting. I was hoping to get suggestions from a different source.

kruger d: I love Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Edward Scissorhands, MST3K and (did you mean) Galaxy Quest!

KatawaGrey: I’ve seen some of Buffy, but you’re right I should continue with it. I love Gattaca as well, it’s awesome.

surlygirl: I’ve seen season 1 of Dexter and unsure if I should continue with season 2. Is it worth it? Heroes I love. My partner and I want to restart watching it as well. Same goes for Six Feet Under.

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Lost seems like the obvious choice here.

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Hell, with a list like that, you can’t go wrong!

Here are a few I fancy:

The Squid and the Whale
Bubba Ho-Tep
Cannibal! The Musical
Run Lola Run
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Dirty Pretty Things
The Science of Sleep
I Heart Huckabees
Me and You and Everyone We Know
Requiem for a Dream
Waking Ned Devine
Brand Upon the Brain
Son of Rambow
The Orphanage
King of California
This Is England
Pan’s Labyrinth
The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters
Fringe (don’t think it’s on Netflix yet though)
Mysterious Skin
Be Kind Rewind

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I see that you like some foreign films, and you actually have very similar taste to me.

I would check out these two movies, both of which happen to star Cilian Murphy:

Sunshine – My absolute favorite scifi. The sun is dying and a crew of 8 are sent to re-ignite it. Sounds cheesy but brilliantly executed. Its by danny boyle, the guy who did 28 days later and trainspotting.

The wind that shakes the Barley- A story of the Irish revolution against the british. Brothers on opposing sides. Brilliantly directed, and beautiful to watch. Very moving.

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You need to watch the past four seasons all of the new Doctor Who

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Life as a House
Pay it Forward
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

There are soooooooo many!

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Run Lola Run
Bread & Tulips

Check out the foreign films. If you asked the Q, I’m thinking yu’re looking for something unique.

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Office Space

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Sloane2024: House is great!

andrew: I watched the first 2 seasons of Lost, I’m unsure if it’s one I should continue. Really, really good?

scamp: I’ve seen Spiderwick Chronicles, but I didn’t like it very much.

shockvalue: Thanks, I try. You do too, it seems. I think the only movies on that list that I haven’t seen are Cannibal! The Musical, Brand Upon the Brain, Shortbus, Son of Rambow, This is England, Fringe, and Gummo. I’ll definitely look into them! Thanks.

eatmunky: I really enjoyed Sunshine, 28 Days Later and Trainspotting. Thanks for the recommendation for The Wind that Shakes the Barley.

fireside & deaddolly: Thanks for the recommendations, I’ll check them out.

SpatzieLover: I enjoyed Run, Lola Run, Amelie and Chocolat immensely! Not so sure about Bread & Tulips, though.

googlybear: Office Space is great!

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@sarahmacaulay: Yes. It gets (even) better.

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day watch
Night watch
Dark city
The collector

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School for Scoundrels (seriously funny movie)

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@sarah: season two of dexter had some very interesting twists to it. i think this third season is supposed to be a bit controversial (kid related stuff)

brick was awesome. who knew that kid from third rock from the sun was so amazing?

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@shock – An excellent list. I think we have the same taste in movies…

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boondock saints or the bourne identity trilogy?

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andrew: Thanks!

ckinyc: I loved Night Watch, Day Watch and Bladerunner. I’ll definitely look into Dark City and I’ve been meaning to watch Brazil for ages! Thanks.

cheebdragon: I’m not too interested in School for Scoundrels, thanks for the recommendation though. I do like Billy Bob Thornton a lot. Have you seen Bandits?

surlygirl: Dexter is a very intriguing concept for a show, I really want to continue it. Thanks. I agree, Brick was pretty amazing. Have you seen Mysterious Skin? I really enjoyed both The Boondock Saints (Willem Dafoe Rocks!) and The Bourne Identity Trilogy.

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did you see it? Its not what I thought it would be, but I really liked it.

My mom really loves August Rush, I haven’t seen it yet, mostly because I don’t want to ruin the Tudors really good series on ShowTime.

Does netflix have seasons of tv shows that you can rent? I’ve never used netflix. The Tudors and Rescue Me are great shows, if you haven’t seen them yet, there is still time to catch up on past seasons before the new ones start next year….

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cheebdragon: Yes, Netflix has a large variety of television shows for rent. The Tudors and Rescue Me look so good! Thanks for the recommendations! I haven’t seen School for Scoundrels, maybe i’ll check it out. How would August Rush ruin The Tudors?

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rescue me is great!
have you seen hard candy?

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surlygirl: Yeah, I have. I really like Ellen Page.

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@sarah. i concur!

i watched the lookout this weekend. a bit dark, but i’d recommend.

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surlygirl: I had high expectations for The Lookout, but was disappointed. I thought it was too predictable.

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@sarah: yes, but i enjoyed the ride

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PropertyMan ager: The Orphanage was great! Wristcutters was alright. Thanks though.

Thanks everyone. My partner and I started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Joss Whedon is amazing to say the least!

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