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I need ideas for a fourth grade Halloween party!

Asked by SuperMouse (30793points) October 1st, 2008

I am organizing the Halloween party for my son’s fourth grade class. Any great ideas for activites?

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In my old school, we used to do a little parade to show off our costumes. This might require a little more room than a fourth grade classroom, but it is something to think about. You could also make a bunch of cupcakes and have the kids decorate them with halloween candies. They could draw their ideal jack-o-lanterns on orange paper and then cut them out. You might be able to show a short video (i know the attention span of 9-year-old kids) about halloween. I hope that helps. :)

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mummy contest-give each group a roll or two of toilet paper and five minutes to make someone into a mummy. Have goofy prizes-spiders, slime, eyeball gumballs. Wrap up the teacher if they are game.

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Check out this link

Personally, I like the Eyeball Bounce idea :)

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I think this one takes a little bit of work, but it could be really cool if you have a good imagination.

I seem to remember this activity where you get buckets and you fill them with different things…like in one you put spaghetti and sauce and you call it “innards” and then in another you put grapes with vegetable oil and you call them “eyeballs.” You can think up a lot of different things if you use your imagination. You could even fill a bucket with plastic bugs or gummy worms, or whatever you want. Then, you can blindfold the kids and write a little story (not too scary) that uses all of the things you put into the buckets. So maybe your story is like a Frankenstein story and you’re telling the kids about all the body parts that you need to make the monster. And when you say, “First, he needed some eyeballs!” And then all the kids have to reach into that bucket and feel them.

It’s kind of a fun way to tell a Halloween story and get kids involved. Plus, something tells me that 4th graders like to get their hands dirty. This might be a good activity for outside.

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Oh man. My 2nd and 3rd grade teacher was a genius at her job. I still remember what we did, and it’s the only Halloween school function I can clearly recall. She organized with other parents this whole thing…It was like a haunted classroom obstacle course. And it was badass. First the lights went out and we had to crawl through trash bags with chips and pretzels (loud crunchy food) between them to get to the party. (she taped bags end to end double layered and in between were the potato chips) There were spiderwebs and skeletons everywhere and halloween jokes and riddles on the board. We were told that the chips and skeletons were the bones ‘s of children who had dared to enter before. But if we were brave we would be rewarded with rice krispies….so you know. We were motivated. Clearly. Then we came out to a table lit by flashlights with teachers holding pots of brains (spaghetti), eyes (peeled grapes), and guts (rags in water with a smidge of corn syrup for gooeyness) etc. Because it was messy a teacher helped us wash our hands in a pot of pickled skin…bounty paper towels in lukewarm water. Then there were halloween games you could pick up at target and I think we did play a ‘mummy game’ as mentioned above. It was freaking awesome. We were a little younger than your group but I think it would still work. And the best part is with her preplanning at home it took her and the assistant about 35mins. to set up. :) We came back from lunch to a haunted house a witch teacher and one of those awesome gummi worm mud pies.

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Two words…. PUMPKIN BOWLING. Get some empty water bottles (10) and fill them about 1/3 way with candy corns. “Bowl” the water bottle “pins” down using a pumpkin no larger than a bowling ball. Pumpkins are not totally round so they are hard to roll straight. Don’t let the kids toss the pumpkin, they have to roll it or it may crack.

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