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How do baristas get themselves going in the morning?

Asked by sferik (6099points) October 1st, 2008

Many people need a cup of coffee before they start work for the day, but what if making coffee is your work?

Do they drink tea?

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I would assume they clumsily make a cup of coffee for themselves before making other people’s coffee.

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Not sure about baristas, but I’ve lately been drinking a tea from The Simple Leaf to get me going. It’s called Dawn. It’s got a pretty big caffeine kick which is good for mornings, and the taste is really unique. It’s really rough, like ash and chocolate. Love it.

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My brother is a student by day, and a barista by night. He drinks free coffee.

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@knot; and he sleeps when?

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I honestly don’t know…he needs to eat more, too.

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I think when you drink espresso like water,
neither coffee nor tea will have much effect.

It’s been years since I’ve worked at a cafe.
But I can throw back a triple and pass out.

But with all the regulars in the morning,
I could make everyone’s orders in my sleep.
Didn’t have to be awake.

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@Nimis: I can still remember the last cup of coffee I drank. It was about 4:00PM at a faculty meeting. I was awake the entire night. That was in 1985.

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nim: I am such a delicate flower. What can I say?

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I remember my last cup too. It was an hour ago. I am about to fall asleep.

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So unfair!

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I’m a barista. Honestly, just the smell gets me going – something about working in a coffee shop is naturally invigorating (to me). Coffee hasn’t yet lost its effect, but I’ve only been a heavy user for a couple years. A few espresso shots should wake me right up…

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I am a barista, who doesn’t drink her own espresso. I drink it only to make sure it is perfect and that my day may be a good one with happy customers, but not for pleasure.

I am a morning person, my personality keeps me going.

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I would guess a lot of baristas drink coffee. It’s likely free to them, plus there’s a fair portion of people doing that sort of job that are passionate about coffee. Coffee connoisseurs, if you will.

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I beg to differ. The ones who care most about their wares are not likely to be drinking them. How often do you find alcoholics running their own wine vineyards? Not often – the best lovers of wine do not indulge too often.

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@squirbel – An interesting comparison. However, caffeine does not impair one’s judgment.

I respect your integrity as a barista (choosing not to indulge too much), but I argue that the only way for someone relatively new to the coffee world (such as myself) to learn about their beverages is to drink them. By drinking lots of coffee, I become more knowledgeable and can connect with customers.

Again, I think your position is respectable, but I hope that you don’t look down on us that take advantage of access to better coffee and allow ourselves to enjoy it.

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i also say cocaine

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I agree with shadling21. Coffee is like wine, there are many varieties and flavor combinations to try. You learn by drinking. Do you really think a restaurant’s sommelier abstains from drinking wine?

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I’m a barista. I don’t drink any coffee. The smell is repugnant after a while. In the mornings, I get out of my car, walk up to the door slowly, and sigh.

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