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IPod touch as a PDA?

Asked by blastfamy (2159points) October 1st, 2008

I am looking for a PDA. I need a new iPod, so I was thinking about killing two birds with one stone and buying the iPod touch to use as a PDA.

How well does the iPod touch work with task management?

I am specifically looking for how well the software performs at task entry, and how well it syncs with outlook (I’m running windows) for both calendar items and (more importantly “to-do” tasks.

I know there is a calendar app, but how well does it perform?

While I acknowledge the existence of third-party apps, I would rather the answer be more focussed on the built in apps.

Thanks, all.

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My answer may be no help at all, but what the hell, I’ll share it.

I am not a technology person. I’ve never owned a PDA or had much of a desire for one. I just got a computer made in this decade, I only have cable because it comes with my apartment, and despite being an avid photo-albumer I got my first digital camera in the past year. So keep that in mind. :)

I was given an ipod touch in July. I thought it was a silly gift for someone like me… for about 24 hours. HOLY CRAP that is one amazing little device.

I think the calendar is amazing- it’s easy to input things, easy to find what you’re looking for, easy to read. The notes/to-do section is great, I think, although my very up-to-date technologically boy says it could be better. I think it’s again, easy to put things into and easy to find what you’re looking for. I have no idea about outlook. I can use everything the iPod offers and it was easy to figure out, so I have to assume it’s idiot proof.

So there’s my maybe useless answer. :)

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The calendar app is great—and it syncs fine with outlook. I’m using it with exchange integration, which is killer.

e-mail + cal + contacts via exchange is great.

Task management built in, not so much. I ended up getting OmniFocus for the ipod to handle that, and there is no integration with the task list in Outlook. OF works great, and is only another $20.

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I too am trying to use it to replace a pda, in my case my palm pilot was dying. It has been frustrating to try to convert notes from my palm pilot but I was finally able to get the calendar to synch. The iPOD or iphone dont seem to handle notes very well, you cant just search for a certain word like I could on a my pda, for example. I did find a free third party app helpful such as:

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iPhones are similar and I use mine now for EVERYTHING. I have a PDA but I never use it anymore. It’s lonely and probably quite sad…

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@eyeguy one caveat if you have an ipod touch is that evernote ONLY works when connected to the internet, there is no offline version (at least when I was last playing with it)

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it doesn’t support spreadsheets yet, though…

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@bpeoples Evernote now has a new “favorites” feature for the iPod Touch. You can choose to save some notes as favorites to your iPod Touch for offline use. (How many? I’m not sure…)

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Just found it! Excellent.

Also seems to cache text notes offline.

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