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What's the best way to turn a series of photos into a stop-motion animation?

Asked by richardhenry (12651points) October 1st, 2008

I have about a hundred photos I’d like to string together into a MOV file (or similar). Can anyone recommend a decent, preferably painless way of doing this? I considered iMovie, but the process of changing the duration of each photo to less than a second is simply horrible.

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I would also like an answer to this. I had a similar problem a few days ago.

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Here’s a hilarious thread on Yahoo Answers while we pass the time waiting for a reply. STOP MOTION URGENT HELP NEEDED!! HELP ME PLEASE!!

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as painstaking as it seems to go the iMovie route, you’d probably be done with 100 photos by the time you get another answer here.

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I usually just use a program to automatically layer ‘em all, and then use photoshop to make it in to a gif.

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seconded iStopMotion.

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Windows Software:
MonkeyJam is great. I used it for a project a few years ago and was very happy with the result.

Windows/OS X Software
Also, there’s DigiCel Pencil Test which has an XP and OSX version.

OS X Software
Then there’s FrameThief .
And finally for OS X there’s Dragon which I think is awesome and have been playing with for quite some time now. It is the only one I’ve recommended that isn’t free, but… there are places that have it if you know what I mean

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Thanks for the replies, all! I’ll check out all your suggestions and let you know how it goes.

@delirium: Hoping to upload it to Vimeo though, so a GIF would be no good.

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I believe quicktime (pro? whatever the payed one is called) it can take pictures and compile them into a .mov

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@XCNuse: Of course! Here’s what I needed. Thanks all!

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Post a link when you get a chance. I’d be curious to see what yous got goin’ on!

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I don’t know if this is true with iMovie, but I have found sometimes under settings; there is an option for the default photo length.

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