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Chinese food or pizza--are you full?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7807points) October 2nd, 2008

my wife and i go back and forth about what’s more filling. i say pizza, she says chinese food. chinese food? what dinnertime choice fills you up for the long run? what knocks you out on the couch every time?

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Well it used to be Chinese food until we hit this town. No good Chinese to be found for hundreds of miles here. So we are stuck with Pizza.

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Pizza and beer, I’m full and happy!

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Thanksgiving Dinner.

I eat it, get full, then fall asleep.

I have yet to see a football game live, on that day.

I get full on either Chinese food or Pizza.

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They both fill me up, but I prefer good Chinese food. Yummy! I haven’t had any in so long… (makes the Boy sick). I really need to run away to Chinatown for a meal soon.

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Both, pizza makes me feel ‘heavier’ tho. I love Chinese food…but pizza fills me up faster I think.

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Pizza does the trick unless it’s the bad (greasy-Americanized) Chinese food. That stuff sits like a brick. Good, fresh Chinese food isn’t that filling (especially the steamed stuff).

So, Pizza it is!
now where is it? did you order it for me? oh, there the doorbell….

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I love chinese food, and here in michigan you can find all kinds of all you can eat ones, so I will say chinese food and that old saying, you can eat chinese food and an hour later you are hungry again, well that doesn’t happen to me lol

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Pizza. I can eat quite a bit of Chinese before I start to feel like I’m going to pop… but after 3 slices of pizza I feel like my stomach is splitting open.

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Dee can’t have pizza. Dee loves Chinese food, which is a good thing, otherwise, her Chinese mother would probably have something to say about that.

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Chinese, because we usually order so many different things that if you have only ONE of each, you’re STILL done for.

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in chicago, we have deep-dish pizza. it is much more filling, in my opinion, than any casual weekend-type meal.

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holy crap Chicago deep dish… wipes chin

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I know. I’m drooling…

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I’d rather eat chinese anyway.

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I prefer chinese food over pizza, but even if im completely full from chinese about 20 minutes later im hungry again. So id have to go with Pizza being more filling.

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How about Chinese pizza?

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@loser: I’m not sure if Papa John’s still has it, because I haven’t been near one in years… they used to make a barbecue chicken pizza that used the barbecue sauce instead of tomato, cheese, onion, chicken, and pineapple. It tasted like Chinese food.

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i like chinese food better because there’s more variety – eggrolls, soup, etc. i don’t think of pizza as a meal, either.

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@ica that is why I like it as well

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