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Why the whispers?

Asked by Sueanne_Tremendous (11290points) October 2nd, 2008

I am curious why more and more Flutherites seem to be typing their entire answer in whispers. Maybe I am getting old and can’t see as well as I once did but it’s distracting to have to lean over to read the response. I like when whisper and emphasis are used to highlight a response, but entire answers kinda bug me. Anyone got a thought or opinion on this?

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if it’s off topic I always try to put everything in whispers.

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I don’t understand the correlation between whispers and being off topic, but thanks for giving me some idea as to why this occurs.

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It doesn’t stand out as obvious as the regular size text does. One has an easier time discerning it if they’re just skimming over stuff that doesn’t apply.

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If it is off topic or a sidebar, I try to whisper. Sometimes people get into off topic conversations that they hold in whisper. I think this is appropriate.

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I agree w/ EP & poof. If I whisper I do it out of deference to the question asker and the other people reading the thread. Kinda like me announcing….“no need to tell me I am off topic and scold me….I already know….I am just going to say this quick and be done..”

@sueanne: what kind of drink is your avatar?

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@snoopy: I would answer but I can’t read your question because it’s too small….

a Margarita

I think whispering within a normal text response is helpful. Completely whisper text is annoying. Just my opinion.

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A whisper is supposed to be something that is said, so others will not overhear.

For that reason alone, if I have something to say to someone that needs to be “whispered,” I’ll just PM the person.

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For me, they’re just more difficult to read!

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If it helps those of you who are hyperopic, in web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Safari, you can easily zoom the text size larger by hitting Ctrl + (Ctrl key and the Plus key). And zoom the size back smaller with Ctrl— (Ctrl key and the Hypen or Minus key) .

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iPhone… Teeeensy little letters!

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For iPhone, double-tap or the two-finger pinch/expand. (‘course, you already knew that. ツ)

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Oh yeah! I forgot!!!! Duh for me…

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