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What are the most useful applications / websites / social networks for college students.

Asked by greeeengloves (125points) October 2nd, 2008

I am currently in college and I am interested in keeping everything organized on my computer, as well as having websites available to me that give good advice about all parts of college. What are your favorite sites, blogs, and applications on the topic?

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Learn to work on their desk far from their computers ? :p

For me I don’t what a college student has to do on the web, maybe just for looking for some translation dictionaries for language learning, really…

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Have you heard of ? Has helpful study guides etc.

There is another site that I am thinking of as well, but the name has escaped me.

Stayed tuned and I will post later….

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You definitely need to get Google Reader. It’ll keep you informed to any type of news you want. I’m on that like every 10 minutes! With that you also have access to the whole Google apps suite like Gmail, Google Docs (which I use constantly to take notes in class), and an iGoogle homepage with whatever you want on it.

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I am also a college student, and one of my favorite softwares that I use daily is Microsoft OneNote. Microsoft Onenote is an amazing software for note-taking, or general organizing such as organizing your recipes. Here’s how my recipe note book looks in it. As you can see it’s a notebook software so it can be divided into sections and pages in cute color coded tabs. Perfect for any organizing freak :) Also, if you have Microsoft Office on your computer, you probably have this program already (go look :P)

I use this for all my classes and it really helps having all the notes in one place. Seriously, give this a shot!

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@PnL I loved OneNote! I have Mac now and Mac Office notebook layout isn’t nearly as good as OneNote. Word up!

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Evernote for note taking. It’s awesome.
Twitter for keeping up with other classmates.

What are you studying? There may be things that are centered on your field of study that may help you.

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evernote! that was the one i was trying to remember. my friend uses it and loves it for keeping organized, esp. when away from a computer, as it works with your phone.

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Yeah. I haven’t taken full extent of it’s capabilities (like using it from my phone), but it’s damn useful.

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