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What does this dream mean?

Asked by Amish_Ninja (225points) October 2nd, 2008

I was having a lucid dream where I saw my self showering and suddenly the water was turned to acid, and I was burned alive by acid in my shower. This has really been bugging me. Anyone have a guess for me?

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no clue but I’d be taking sponge baths from now on.

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Did you experience any phyisical symptoms – like acid reflux – that night?

Not being flippant, just trying to figure out if maybe something that was going on physically with your body prompted the dream.

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I did happen to have heartburn when I woke up. I was also laying on my fingers and they were burning when I woke up, like the acid felt. Good guess!

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So the water only turned into acid when your fingers began to burn as well as when your heartburn came. It made your body feel like the water that was coming out of the shower was acid.

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You could try Googling dream analysis.

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Sometimes, if you’ve recently watched a movie or read a book where stuff like that happens, your brain can subconsciously reproduce similar situations while you sleep.
That may not apply to you specifically, but I thought I’d mention it just in case.

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Did it feel like this
minus the caption, of course

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My guess. Something is going on in your life where you feel like you’re loosing your identity, your sense of self. It’s only a guess.

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I think you are feeling vulnerable about a new relationship. You’ve been hurt before.

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Showering in a dream is supposed to represent a spiritual cleansing, maybe this will be an intense one that washes away your former “self”...

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One good way to think about dreams (and of course since it’s your dream, you are the best person to analyze it), is to imagine yourself in different aspects of the dream. Like, you are yourself in the shower, then you imagine that you are the water coming down, then, you are the acid coming down, etc. Really get yourself in those places, and see where it takes you. Kind of interesting when you do it.

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I agree with skfinkel. Also, water often symbolizes love or mother. Acid water could represent love that hurts (i.e, poisonous breastmilk).

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I think it’s the love that hurts example for this dream. Makes sense for what’s going on in my life.

poisonous breastmilk, ehh?

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