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Will anyone not be watching the VP debate this evening?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) October 2nd, 2008
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I am going to dinner with my Republican girlfriends. I think it’s just to painful for them to watch. I do plan to Tivo it though.

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I probably won’t. I have too many chores to do and then I have an exam tomorrow. It’s sad, I wasn’t able to watch the Presidential debate on that night itself :(. But I am very involved, so be sure that I’ll catch up by next week…sigh, and I was really looking forward to this too

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Neil Gaiman, my absolute favorite author, is going to be in town tonight. After days (literally) of going back and forth, I will be watching the debate, but only because he’s over two hours away by public transit, I wouldn’t get home until after midnight, and his appearance will be available online for later viewing.

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I wish but I’m out to dinner for the gf’s bday. I’ll be reading articles all day tomorrow about it though.

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Nope. I’m a Canadian with too little time for American politics.

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I won’t. That stuff drives me crazy.

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Nope. I’ll be shooting a commercial.

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@Andrew: Yay! At least someone’s making some money!

I’ll be watching with my republican husband. Should be interesting.

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@andrew, a Commercial for fluther? When and where will it air?

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Joe Biden and Sarah Palin both love to swallow their feet, so what’s not to love? It’ll be spectacular.

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Jud: I think he’s an actor.
So I’m guessing a commercial for TV?
Hope it leads to more work! Yay!

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I want to, but I have class til late and I probably will not make home in time :-/

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Susan; that is such an elegant question that I don’t know whether to answer “yes” or ”“no.” “No, I will not be not watching”? Does that mean I will be, which I will?

Don is smiling.

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Yes, I will not be watching?
No, I will not be not watching?

[scratches head]

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the canadian english debate is on tonight at the same time. im canadian, so i feel that this affects me more, but ill definitely change channels back and forth. or ill have 2 tvs in the room.

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Not the whole thing. Family dinner tonight.
I’ll catch the highlights later on PBS or the nightly news.

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