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TipTop on PopCap Games - Does anyone have a strategy for winning this game?

Asked by marissa (2665points) October 2nd, 2008

I realize this is not a truly important question, but I have wondered this for some time. Has anyone figured out a connection between where you drop an item at the top to where an item appears on the bottom? Or is it just a matter of luck that you don’t have too many added to a given row from the bottom?

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There is no connection. It’s random. If you pay attention, you will see that even when you haven’t yet dropped an item from the top, a new item in a specific column is already flashing at the bottom. So as soon as you drop the item on the top, that flashing item on the bottom goes up. this is the first time i have played this game, and I blame you for giving me a new way to procrastinate :)

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Thanks PnL, I’m wondering if it is more complicated than that. For example I wonder if the order you drop items in on one level effects the next level…..yes, I am annoyed that I can’t seem to ‘win’ and get to the end of it…lol

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ooooh I see what you mean! Hmm, I never even thought of that. Let’s hope someone else on Fluther knows. i know what you mean about wanting to win. darn pointless internet games that we just can’t step away from

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what is winning?

Now I am addicted

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I got to level 10, but I don’t know what the end might be.

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