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What are some of your least favorite sayings?

Asked by Bri_L (12191points) October 2nd, 2008

One of mine is “It is what it is”. I can not stand that one.

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How about words?
I loathe chillax.

It’s kind of like a bastardized Chill out, so does that count?

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Get over it.

Suck it up.

The worst kind of “helpful” advice…

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I tell folks that I am a professional, freelance writer, and a few jokingly say, “Go out and get a REAL job!”

I would, if there was any employer who was willing to put up with the likes of me, and at over $1,500/week…

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“Get a life!” Like one is not among the living?!!

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JackAdams I would put up with you for WAY more than that if I had it.

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I loathe, detest, and despise “My bad”.

And I growl as a response whenever someone asks me to borrow them something. Grrr!

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Thanks, Bri_L!

You have been added to my will.

(You get the Swiss chalet.)

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@ JA – Cool is she cute?

I don’t like “oh no you di inht” and “Like, I don’t understand how she could, like” (like)

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Everything happens for a reason… shit cause and effect

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It was God’s will.
At this point in time.
Pun intended.
I don’t care.
Where it’s at.
I could of…
This joke is really funny.

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Pardon my french.

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Back in the day. How meaningless is that? What day?

This one has mostly died out in usage but “the mother of all (anything)”.

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I work in a biomedical testing lab. We (poof and I) answer 200–300 specimen pick up calls per day, and many of our clients can barely speak English. I swear, the next caller that tells me: I’m calling for a “peek-up” (pick up) is going to get transfered to the supply department to order urine specimen cups!!

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Mari: I would totally drive you bonkers, but I love that phrase!
(Especially when accompanied by a poor imitation of a drum roll.)

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@Nimis which phrase??

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When people use internet slang in real life. Lol, gtfu, stfu – just say it!

Also, “If it’s meant to be, it’ll be.” Besides the fact that I don’t believe in predestination, this saying makes it sound like all you have to do is sit back, relax, and everything will just kind of happen the way you want it to. And if it doesn’t, well, it’s not your fault for being a lazy fuck, it just wasn’t meant to be.

One more… when people fill their conversations with the word “fuck.” I mean, it’s a great word, I use it a lot, but when someone says “I fucking went to the fucking car and fucking got my fucking books…” it just just fucking makes me fucking nuts!

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Sca: The mother of all phrases, of course!

I also like:
The _______ to end all _______(s).
Oops, I just answered the opposite question.

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Oh, here’s your drum roll….. ba dum bum lol!

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Lurve for the imitation drum roll.
Too bad you can’t just follow me around all day.

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if I did, I swear it would annoy the hell out of you!!

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I’m sure we could brainstorm other random sounds for you to make.

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ha ha, and that’s what would be so annoying!!

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And by annoying you mean absolutely brilliant, right?

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How about “the mother of all (insert word here).”

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“Everything happens for the best.”


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“Ri-cock-ulous”. Can we just kill that one?

I’m also against, “either I will or I won’t.” Alternate uses include, “either it will or it won’t” or similar things. Drives me INSANE. My mom did it to me ALL THE TIME. Specifically to answer “Will be you there when I get home?” or “Will you be home soon?”

And now, of course, “No man can say.”
Actually, YOU can say or I wouldn’t be asking YOU.

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@nimis: strangely, I’m okay with “chillax”. Mostly because I jumble two words together on accident a lot, so I like that it’s “cool” to do so.

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Emp: I jumble words together a lot too.
But for some reason, that combination grates on my nerves.
‘Sokay though, I’ll give you a Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card just in case.
(I’ll probably have to ask Marina for a couple of those myself.)

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I “play” poker, and I HATE when someone folds and says “You can have it.” No, bish, I TOOK it. :P

And the word “moist.” Ewwww.

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PS, I dedicate this question to the late George Carlin who would have scolded me for saying “late, Im not late. I’m not fucking showing up. Im dead numb nuts”

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“Walk the walk, don’t just talk the talk” and variations thereof.

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“Shut up talkin to me!”
(I win.)

And when people put an “s” on anyway.
I dunno why, but it has always bothered me so much.

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I, personally, am not a very big fan of “out loud” chat/text abbreviations… like, “OMG!” “TMI” “LOL” et cetera, et cetera…

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WTF do you mean?

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“My bad” “that’s nasty!” “What-the-fuck-ever” (as opposed to “whatever”) ..and like others have mentioned, txt speak out loud. i know a girl who talks like this: “Anddddd I opened the door and was like WTF, LOL” this is when i start banging my head to the nearest wall

Edit – oh and i forgot to mention “Squeeze me” instead of “Excuse me” that is not “cute”, stop talking like a buffoon wow, i haven’t said “buffoon” for so long :)

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@Nimis aww shucks! I just peeked back in here, and saw how sweet you are to me. I’m blushing!

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i hate: my bad

old school

back in the day

wicked good (i think that’s regional – i know they use it in new england)

you feel me? (used by men and women – sounds so stupid)

ya heard? (ghetto slang)

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“I could care less” – exactly the opposite of what was intended.

“Close proximity” – redundant.

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“been there, done that”

(this one is situation specific) “at least they died doing something that they love…” I always think…hmmm…I bet if they woke up this AM knowing their death was imminent, they wouldn’t love (fill in activity) so much…

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@ snoopy – very true

“dissing you”

“6 of 1, half dozen of the other”

“Put the cheese down Brian or I swear to god I’ll hit you so hard your children’s children will feel it”

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“We need to think outside the box.”

Makes me wish for a Kline Box.

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“So, anyhoo.”
“Oh, no you di’nt.”

I am guilty of saying “back in the day”, but in a sarcastic way, and “6 of 1, half dozen of the other” which I recently heard said as “6 of 1, a dozen of the other”...

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@Augustian, I HATE anywho, almost as much as I hate “anywhoodle!”

How about “Toodles” for goodbye and “sick” when something is really bitchin.

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Use of the word “literally” when the person clearly doesn’t mean it. “I literally could have died!” No, you were just somewhat embarrassed.

“It’s game on!” especially when used in a reality game show setting. So, what were you doing up until now? Pretending to play and now you’re really playing?

And I really don’t like hearing corporate-speak especially when nouns are turned into verbs. “Let’s workshop that.”

This one’s not so much a saying, but a peeve. When people use abbreviations and then repeat one of the words in the abbreviation. “This is my PIN number for B of A bank, but maybe that’s TMI information.” <cringe>

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@ cyndyh – I agree to all your points

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another corporate speak term i hate: trending up (or trending down).

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I don’t know what that means. Trending up?

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for example, becoming more popular.

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i just googled trending up and some examples: teen suicide rate is trending up, green travel is trending up, gay reality talent is trending up. unemployment is trending down (from 2002).

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ok, I hate that, too.

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“Pushing the envelope.”

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I don’t understand why people insist on saying this one: just take it one day at a time, as though you could do anything else. How about three or four days at a time? Or one week?!!!

And how about this one: it will heal with time (or time heals all). What a load of crap!! Time heals nothing. It is what you do with that time that can help you heal.

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“That’s so gay” – gets an automatic 5-minute lecture from me (they can think I’m crazy, but my hope is that the experience is so unpleasant that they think twice about saying it again)

“Where you at?” or “Where’s it at?” – AAAAAAAARGH. It’s the same amount of syllables to make that grammatically correct.. why is it so hard to say “Where is it?” or “Where are you?”

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Don t tell me that you forgot let me reminde you.

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^^: eckshullly, that is one of my favorite sayings.

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“I borrowed it to him.” ...Are you serious? Go here.

I suppose that’s just improper grammar. But it’s said far too often.

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“Beggers can’t be choosers.”

Hate hate hate it!

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“trust me”, “you’d be surprised”, “a rolling stone gathers no moss” , “Nucular” – these are the ones I hate above all

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So there

And I’m not afraid to say it

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