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Humor during the election?

Asked by Bri_L (12191points) October 2nd, 2008

I was wondering if this offended anyone. Now I look at this and think “They could switch candidates and it would still be funny”. What is your take.

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I thought it was funny. i almost posted it earlier today actually.
Nothing wrong with Homer during the election.

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I’m still waiting for the video to load on my super slow campus connection. But I can tell you that there is one kind of campaign “humor” that does offend me: “Bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran.” I cannot describe how much that offends me.

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Oh, sorry fireside. I didn’t see it.

I was just wondering how the different sides would take it. It could have easily been funny either way.

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I thought it was funny. I don’t think the gag would work as well the other way because of the “change” motto, but other than that it would still be funny.

@aidje: You should probably stay away from Capitol Steps. I think they are hilarious. Absolutely so. You.. probably would not.

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Cap Steps do musical political humor. I would actually be surprised if Bomb Iran wasn’t theirs first. Of course they would have been mocking hawks, not promoting it, but still…their norm is comedy through pop parody

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“My fellow Americans, I’m pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.”

—Ronald Reagan during a microphone test

Funny? Or not?

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@robmandu makes me think of this song

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i think we all need a little humor!

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“This doesn’t happen in America – maybe in Ohio, but not in America” xD

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It’s a funny skit.
As always The Simpsons deliver.
The whole maybe in Ohio line was pretty good.(LOL)
The underlinned message w/ Homer voting Obama
however registering as McCain, is _________, on so many levels.
(fill in the blank)

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@ robmandu – Not. Not in his position. Or I could be acting prudish. Am I acting prudish?

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Here’s an even funnier follow-up to the video. LOL

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@Bri_L, I’m no expert on prudishness, but I wonder if that line would be anywhere near as funny if delivered by anyone other than a sitting president.

Still, old guys with the weight of the world on their shoulders showing a penchant for humor kinda resonates with me. Wouldn’t mind sitting down to a beer with someone like that, maybe.

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After the Deibold guy said in 2004 that he would do anything in his power to get Bush elected, this little cartoon makes me wonder if I should laugh or cry.

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cute uber!

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You know I laughed when I heard it then though I shouldn’t laugh at that because what if.

I am going to look for my balls now.

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